Dungeons & Dragons: How to Build the Perfect Circle of the Moon Druid

One of the best things about Dungeons & Dragons is that there are an almost infinite number of ways to play. Each class has a plethora of options and subclasses to fit pretty much any play style. If a player wants to be a free-loving Druid that’s all about peace and healing, they certainly can, but they also have the option of being a bestial powerhouse that protects nature. With the right choices, Druids can be just as fierce as any of the martial classes, if not more so.
The Circle of the Moon subclass takes the Druid’s most unique feature, Wild Shape, and turns it into their greatest weapon. This improved Wild Shape turns the Druid into an unrelenting beast on the battlefield. There are several ways to build a powerful Circle of the Moon Druid, but certain things need to be kept in mind to make them as capable as possible.

Circle of the Moon Druid Build Summary

Ability Scores (in order of importance)  Wisdom, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma, Strength 
 Race Hill Dwarf 
Feats  Mobile, Resilient, Sentinel 
Animals  Dire Wolf, Giant Scorpion, Giant Eagle 

What Is the Circle of the Moon in DnD 5e?

The Circle of the Moon Druid is popular among player who want to have an edge over others. These aren’t just peaceful healers that cast spells; they’re also warriors who are formidable against enemies. The best thing you should do to maximize your Druid’s warrior status is focus on Wisdom and Constitution scores, while also keeping in mind that Mobile, Resilient and Sentinel feats are a must. Additionally, the Hill Dwarf race is a proven benefit for the Circle of the Moon subclass and the Dire Wolf, Giant Scorpion and Giant Eagle are exceptional animals to turn into.

Maximize Wisdom and Constitution for the Circle of the Moon Druid

Every Druid benefits from a high Wisdom score regardless of their subclass. Wisdom determines how many spells a Druid can prepare in a day and how high their spell save DC is. Although Circle of the Moon Druids won’t be using spells too often in combat, it is useful to have magic available to fall back on when players run out of Wild Shape uses.
A high Constitution is also a must for a Circle of the Moon Druid. In fact, players should strive to have a higher Constitution than Wisdom if they can. Circle of the Moon Druids can transform into beasts of a higher challenge rating than normal Druids, which means they can be more powerful creatures that have more health and can do more damage. However, they still turn back into their normal forms when their beast form reaches zero hit points. High Constitution ensures sure these Druids don’t go unconscious too quickly when they are face-to-face with strong foes.

Best Racial Choices For Circle of the Moon Druids

Pretty much any race can work well with the Circle of the Moon Druid. Druids can choose to use the physical stats of the animal they have turned into while using Wild Shape, which can help cover for any low Dexterity or Strength scores. That being said, Dwarves tend to outshine others when it comes to this subclass. Dwarves get a +2 to Constitution and Dwarven Combat Training, which grants proficiency with a number of weapons. All of this will turn a player’s Druid into a tank for damage while still being able to dish out pain when not using their Wild Shape.
The Hill Dwarf subrace makes this choice even better with its feature. Hill Dwarfs get an additional +1 to Wisdom, which is great for spells. Dwarven Toughness also further increases the Druid’s hit points with each level gained, which will allow the Circle of the Moon Druid to constantly frustrate enemies by refusing to go down no matter how much damage they take. A Variant Human or a Firbolg are also useful choices for character race.

The Best Feats For Circle of the Moon Druids

While it may prevent the player from maxing out their Wisdom or Constitution, they have the option of taking a feat at certain levels. Circle of the Moon Druids won’t be able to cast spells while in Wild Shape until level 18, so it’s best to avoid feats that affect spells in favor of feats that still provide benefits while in Wild Shape.
Mobile makes whatever speedy beast the Druid turns into even faster. It also allows the player to employ hit-and-run tactics against enemies without having to worry about attacks of opportunity. Resilient is also a good choice, increasing an ability score of the player’s choice by one and giving proficiency in saving throws in that ability. Choosing Constitution means more health and an easier time maintaining concentration on spells even while in Wild Shape. Finally, Sentinel is a great option how those who want to make sure that enemies can’t escape them or harm their less tanky allies.

The Best Animals For Circle of the Moon Druids

Circle of the Moon Druids have a wider range of animals that they can turn into compared to other Druids. At second level, they can turn into a beast with a challenge rating of one. The challenge rating increases to three at sixth level. Since Wild Shape will be used in combat more than spells, it’s best to have a list of animals prepared that you can quickly turn into.
An animal that is great for land combat is the dire wolf, as they are great for tracking and stealth. They also have Pack Tactics, which gives advantage on attacks as long as an ally is within five feet. A giant scorpion or giant spider is also a viable option since they have a lot of health and can deal poison damage. Once the Druid gains the ability to turn into a flying beast, the giant eagle is a great option that’s big enough to pick up allies and fly them around the battlefield. It’s best to work with your Dungeon Master to come up with a suitable list of beasts that your Druid would know to transform into.

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