Here’s One Variant of Wolverine You Won’t See in the Upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine Movie

Here’s One Variant of Wolverine You Won’t See in the Upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine Movie

After last being seen on the big screen over six years ago, the Merc with a Mouth will not only make his return but be joined by none other than Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine this coming July. Besides the wild buddy cop dynamic between these two characters, the latest trailer (which was released on Apr. 22) for the long-awaited superhero movie has given fans a definite taste of what’s to come. There are numerous X-Men villains guarding a giant Ant-Man head, like Lady Deathstrike from X2: X-Men United and Azazel from X-Men: First Class. It seems that even Alioth will make a menacing return after his debut in Loki. But most interesting was a statement made by the TVA through a voiceover commenting about how this version of Weapon X isn’t the only one that will be featured in the movie: “This Wolverine let down his entire world.”

Even before this one line of dialogue existed for comic book fans to wrap their heads around, rumors were flying about which Wolverine variants would pop up. It all started with Hugh Jackman stating that he has a “dual role” in the movie. Considering the fact that numerous versions of Deadpool will also come to exist on the big screen soon, like Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Headpool (which have been confirmed through new merchandise designs), one has to think that there will be more than just two versions of Wolverine.

High Roller Patch is a possibility (as seen from the back in the trailer), as are actors Henry Cavill and Daniel Radcliffe playing unnamed variants—which are wild possibilities but entertaining ones nonetheless. With all that being said, there is certainly a version of Wolverine that Kevin Feige and the rest of the team at Marvel will not touch. deadpool & wolverine

Wolverine Is a Marvel Hero Mixed With Gritty Anime

In 2011, Marvel decided to team up with Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan and animation studio Madhouse to produce anime-style anthologies for four of its main franchises. This included Iron Man, X-Men, Blade (of all characters), and, you guessed it, Wolverine. The comic book giant wanted the best for the various miniseries and hired Jamie Simone (director of Naruto and Sailor Moon) as the voice director, casting director, and reversion producer.

Like the other aforementioned shows, Wolverine would have a total of 12 episodes and weave a story that revolved around Logan fighting through everyone and anything to save his beloved Mariko Yashida from the clutches of her father Shingen and the Japanese crime syndicate Kuzuryu (who happens to be connected to A.I.M) in this universe.

Compared to the laughs that moviegoers are expecting in Deadpool & Wolverine, Sony Animations’ 2010 anime rendition of Wolverine has little to none. It’s all about hard-hitting action and death-defying suspense instead. Even though it is, by definition, an animated series, there are constant fights and all-out mayhem. Wolverine nearly gets the life squeezed out of him by an overpowered Omega Red and endlessly pummeled into concrete walls by a giant Vadhaka statue brought to life by A.I.M. deadpool & wolverine

Our favorite X-Men character does, in fact, throw a few “bubs” into his dialogue sometimes for the lore, but there is definitely no over-the-top comedy in this obscure miniseries. Marvel Studios would have to either redefine this version of Wolverine to fit into Deadpool’s new movie or have the character take a serious stance and constantly contrast the entire motif. Both of these possibilities have been done through Hugh Jackman’s main iteration and Stefan Kapičić’s Colossus. deadpool & wolverine

Should the Anime Version of Wolverine Join Deadpool 3?

Let’s be frank – mixing the animation medium and live action is unusual but can be done. Just look at Childish Gambino’s Prowler in Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse. The cameo is short but leaves a lasting impression. Who knows which characters Deadpool and Wolverine will come across? They already seem to be hopping through portals with ease. Maybe the duo will quickly traverse through some sort of animated world on their way to the Void or the remains of the Fox universe. The bigger question to ask when looking at the Wolverine is if this Japanese variant of the iconic hero holds any unique appearance that would pop out on the big screen if it is transplanted into the live-action space. deadpool & wolverine

Considering the Hiroshi Aoyama-directed adaptation follows Wolverine on a solo adventure (away from the X-Men or any other notable arcs), his appearance never stands out among those around him. Except for his claws and sideburns, neither the classic tiger-stripe nor the brown costume is present. While the adventure is fun for a time and proves to be a trip into Wolverine’s origins (mixed with some original characters with interesting backstories), some movies similarly follow this same story direction. There is no need for a repeat. Maybe that old mantra is true after all – the past should stay in the past. If you want to take a trip down memory lane though, Sony Pictures’ 12-episode miniseries on Wolverine is available to rent on Google Play or Apple TV. Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 26, 2023.

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