X-Men’s First Battle With Ms. Marvel Proves She’s Destined To Be A Mutant Legend

X-Men's First Battle With Ms. Marvel

Warning – SPOILERS ahead for X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1

Since her Marvel Comics debut, Ms. Marvel – the newest member of the X-Men – has been a fan-favorite, and arguably one of the House of Ideas’ most popular characters of the last few decades. Having already made a name for herself as a hero in her own right, Kamala Khan is no stranger to team dynamics as a member of both the Champions and the Avengers. But her very first fight alongside her newly discovered compatriots in the X-Men makes the case that she’ll be one of the greatest mutant heroes of all time. ( X-Men’s First Battle With Ms. Marvel )

X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 by Gerry Duggan, Adam Kubert, Luciano Vecchio, Matteo Lolli, and many more is a monumental issue for more than a few reasons, but near the top of the list would be Ms. Marvel’s mutant debut and the danger that comes along with it. Having only just learned of her destiny as one of history’s greatest mutants from the time-displaced mutant chimera known as Rasputin IV, the young Champion immediately leaps into battle alongside the heroes of Krakoa when Orchis comes calling. Battling against Sentinels is essentially an X-Men rite of passage, and although the Krakoans certainly come out on the losing side in this cataclysmic conflict, it’s not for lack of trying on the part of Kamala Khan, who joins Rasputin IV in taking down an upgraded Stark Sentinel with relative ease.

Kamala Khan Will Be A Mutant Icon

Since her very inception, Kamala has juggled quite a few identities, with Rasputin herself referring to her hero Ms. Marvel as, “An Inhuman. A Muslim. A mutant. A human. A savior of all the tribes.” Save for her newly revealed mutantdom, each one of these identities has been a core part of her character arc and her journey of self-discovery and acceptance. Understandably, there are fans who fear that Kamala’s new mutant label will add yet another burden of identity upon the character, pushing out some of the more relatable identity struggles that have endeared the character to so many fans since her first appearance – but this also gives Marvel the opportunity to make her the greatest X-Man of all.

It’s clear that Ms. Marvel’s undeniably historic actions at the Gala are just a prelude for an unforgettable X-Men career that will go down in history, especially if creators remember to balance her mutant heroism alongside the significant cultural aspects that fans know and love. The X-Men’s status as mutants has almost always acted as a metaphor for the real-world “other,” and Kamala’s built-in experience within marginalized communities presents the opportunity for her to become one of the most iconic X-Men, not just for her powers, but for the humanity for which the Merry Mutants are so beloved. After all, while her Ms. Marvel identity has never quite had to fight for her own survival in the way that the X-Men are so accustomed, Kamala knows just what it’s like to be targeted for one reason or another in a way that many of her fans find incredibly relatable.

Ms. Marvel Could Be The Greatest X-Man Of All

Trashing Sentinels on her first night with the X-Men has already given Ms. Marvel an idea of just what it’s like to be one of Marvel’s most Uncanny heroes. Now, it’s just a matter of time before she proves herself as one of the team’s greatest heroes, both in continuity and to the fans themselves. But based on her actions in this issue, and the potential she represents, it’s no wonder that Ms. Marvel’s new status as a mutant and an X-Men hero will be the stuff of legend. ( X-Men’s First Battle With Ms. Marvel )

X-Men: Hellfire Gala 2023 #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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