Every Anime Series Releasing in May 2024

Anime Series
2024 has been a fantastic year for anime series, with several highly anticipated releases such as Solo Leveling, Mashle, and ...
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Jujutsu Kaisen S2 E13 Release Date & Time

Jujutsu Kaisen S2
After a lot of fighting, JJujutsu Kaisen S2 latest episode ended on a great cliffhanger and hopefully Season 2 Episode ...
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Dragon Ball GT Confirmed Goku’s True Successor Long Before Super

Dragon Ball GT
Since the start of Dragon Ball Super, many Dragon Ball fans have overlooked some elements established by the original sequel ...
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One Piece Who Is Zunesha And What Is Their Connection To Joy Boy

One Piece Who Is Zunesha
( One Piece Who Is Zunesha ) As seen in One Piece’s most recent episodes, Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear 5 ...
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One Piece Finally Confirms Zoro’s Family Heritage And His Connection To Wano

One Piece Finally Confirms
( One Piece Finally Confirms ) One Piece’s author Eiichiro Oda finally answered one of the biggest questions that fans ...
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Luffy’s First Meeting With The Five Elders Shows The Straw Hats’ True Power

Warning: Spoilers for One Piece chapter #1089 Luffy and his crew have finally come face to face with the leaders ...
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What Is the Will of D in One Piece?

For over 25 years, Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece has been keeping both manga and anime fans enthralled. Its often zany ...
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One Piece Manga Based on Ace’s Story Receives 2024 Release Window

Portgas D. Ace, the older brother of Monkey D. Luffy, will get his own One Piece manga spinoff in 2024. ...
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One Piece Episode 1065 Release Date & Time

Luffy and Kaido’s fight in One Piece is getting more and more intense as each episode airs. With the anime ...
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Demon Slayer Needs to Cool It With Its ‘Dead Mom’ Act

Demon Slayer has plenty of family drama to drive its story along, including the frequent deaths of the main characters’ ...
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