One Piece Who Is Zunesha And What Is Their Connection To Joy Boy

( One Piece Who Is Zunesha ) As seen in One Piece’s most recent episodes, Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear 5 form has drastically altered the landscape of the Grand Line, officially elevating the Straw Hat Pirate to the same level as the other Emperors of the Sea. However, prior to his groundbreaking transformation, Luffy was seconds away from defeat. The World Government — and, more specifically, CP0 — intervened in his clash against Kaido, distracting the series’ protagonist and thereby allowing his opponent to land a devastating blow. Thankfully, as Luffy lay on the brink of death, an unexpected figure arrived to herald the Awakening of his Devil Fruit: Zunesha. ( One Piece Who Is Zunesha )

Excluding the mysterious shadows seen in the Thriller Bark Arc, Zunesha is the largest creature to appear in One Piece. The ancient elephant stands over 20 miles tall and has lived for over 1000 years, simultaneously making it the oldest living being in the franchise as well. Because of its age, Zunesha has a direct connection to the Void Century and the era’s most prominent figure — Joy Boy. When Monkey D. Luffy breaks through and achieves his Gear 5 form, Zunesha loudly proclaims that Joy Boy has returned, signaling that their relationship should finally be explored in the near future.

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The Origin of Zunesha (One Piece Who Is Zunesha)

One Piece Who Is Zunesha

When Monkey D. Luffy, several members of his crew, and Trafalgar D. Water Law leave Dressrosa, they depart for the island of Zou in an attempt to reunite with the remaining members of Straw Hat Pirates. Unbeknownst to them, this island is found atop the back of the ancient Naitamie-Norida elephant known as Zunesha, which has served as the home of the Mink Tribe for several centuries.

At first, the creature seems to simply be another example of the strange geography that characterizes the New World, but as its history is slowly revealed, Zunesha’s connection to the history of One Piece and its most significant figure becomes evident. Thanks to Kozuki Momonosuke’s knowledge and ability to speak the Voice of All Things, he reveals that Zunesha is over 1000 years old, immediately establishing the elephant as a potential source of information regarding the Void Century. ( One Piece Who Is Zunesha )

While Momonosuke and the Straw Hat Pirates are exploring the island of Zou, Zunesha is attacked by a dangerous enemy — Jack the Drought. Rather than defend itself as would be expected of a creature of its magnitude, Zunesha is forced to ask for permission to repel Jack and his Beast Pirate subordinates. After giving the command to attack the enemy forces, Momonosuke explains that Zunesha is forced to wander the seas as punishment for a crime committed many years ago, unable to perform any other actions unless directed by a wielder of the Voice of All Things.

This fact brings Zunesha’s origin into question and begs two questions: what was Zunesha’s crime, and who could impose such a punishment? Given recent revelations that occurred in the Raid on Onigashima, a single character seems to hold the key to answering these questions. ( One Piece Who Is Zunesha )

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Zunesha’s Mysterious Connection To Joy Boy

While the Raid on Onigashima rages above the land of Wano, Zunesha unexpectedly arrives in the waters near the island, prompting Yamato and Momonosuke to discuss its relationship to the most important historical figure in One Piece — Joy Boy. According to the journal of Momonosuke’s father, Kozuki Oden, Zunesha was an accomplice to Joy Boy during the Void Century. This is the first direct connection to the legendary character since his apology to the Fish-Men was found by Nico Robin in the Sea Forest, and it also provides the first clue regarding the unknown crime committed by the ancient elephant several centuries prior to the events of the series.

During Momonosuke’s conversations regarding Zunesha, he hints that the elephant’s punishment stems from actions that it committed during Joy Boy’s life, further establishing a bond between the two. ( One Piece Who Is Zunesha )

As Monkey D. Luffy and his allies battle against the combined forces of Kaido and Big Mom, Zunesha’s exact reason for arriving in the seas of Wano remains unclear. However, as soon as the Straw Hat Pirate Awakens his Devil Fruit, Zunesha’s eyes spring to life for the first time since appearing in One Piece, reignited by a familiar feeling that the elephant hadn’t experienced in centuries. Zunesha loudly heralds the return of Joy Boy as Luffy seemingly rises from ashes, creating an undeniable parallel between the historical figure and Luffy’s brand-new Gear 5 form — this parallel is further established when Zunesha compares Monkey D. Luffy’s loud heartbeat to that of his former ally.

Although fans can only speculate as to the nature of Joy Boy’s connection to Zunesha, the elephant’s repeated comparisons between his former ally and Monkey D. Luffy are more than enough to establish that Zunesha was intimately familiar with the legendary figure.

Following the Straw Hat Pirates’ defeat of Kaido, Momonosuke asserts that he is not quite ready to open the borders of Wano, which ultimately prompts Zunesha to part ways with the series’ protagonists once again. Presumably, the Naitamie-Norida elephant will go back to wandering the seas of the New World. That being said, its undeniable connection to Gear 5 Luffy and Joy Boy has many fans wondering if the ancient, island-carrying creature will start to play a more active role in One Piece’s narrative, especially with an all-out war against the World Government looming on the horizon.

As Kozuki Momonosuke prepares to serve as the shogun of Wano Country, Zunesha patiently awaits his command in the nearby seas of the New World. One Piece’s final saga is primed to uncover the secrets of the Void Century, so the bond between the land of Wano, Monkey D. Luffy’s Gear 5 form, Zunesha, and Joy Boy is sure to be explored soon — likely at the expense of the Celestial Dragon’s vice-grip on the Grand Line. ( One Piece Who Is Zunesha )

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