Deadpool & Wolverine Actor Says Its ‘Fresh’ Story Is Exactly What The MCU Needs

Karan Soni will make his third appearance as taxi driver Dopinder alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool & Wolverine. Excited to reprise his role, the actor says the film and its “fresh story” is exactly what the MCU needs.

Deadpool & Wolverine Official Teaser Trailer

“It’s a long time coming, but it was one of those things where because it was such a long time it’s gotten really good,” Soni told US Weekly. “The script was really good. It was in a very good place. There was a version of [the script] before Hugh Jackman said yes. Because they waited because he said yes – I think it’s all the things combining and I think it’s coming at the right time for the MCU, which is in need of something fresh. And I would not bet against Ryan.”

Jackman had a big hand in getting Deadpool & Wolverine off the ground. The actor recently revealed that he was the one who presented Reynolds with the idea of a team-up project just before the movie was put on hold. “I was sitting on a beach, not a care in the world, and for some reason, the thought came into my head: ‘What do you want to do?’ Then, literally, I thought, Deadpool-Wolverine. I want to do that movie.’ That’s what I want,” Jackman explained.

Jackman Had A Major Impact On The Film’s Direction ( Deadpool & Wolverine )

Director Shawn Levy previously spoke about how Jackman’s return changed the direction of the film for the better. “We had been workshopping a lot of ideas about possible stories for a third Deadpool movie,” the filmmaker said. “Those were story ideas that were more sequelly to the first two Deadpools, but none of them imagined such a seismic shift. I can safely say that the story completely changed and, in fact, came to us very, very quickly starting that day.”

While doing press for the upcoming superhero offering, Jackman talked about what it was like to reprise his role as Wolverine after almost a decade. According to the actor, it was refreshing to bring a new side of the mutant to life. “I instinctively knew that Deadpool was going to allow us to get to a different side of the character than I’ve ever played before, in every way, from emotion, humor, dialogue, and action.” he said. “Everything felt new and fresh to me. There was not a day where I wasn’t in tears laughing. I felt so rejuvenated playing the part.”

Deadpool & Wolverine Official Teaser Trailer

Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters worldwide on July 26.

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