YouTube Will Now Let You Add More Links To Your Channel Profile

 YouTube’s rolling out its expanded link listing display for channels, which will enable creators to add more external links to their channel header.

As you can see in this example, you can now add up to 14 links to your channel profile, which will help to drive traffic to your website, other social media profiles, product pages, etc.
Channel owners are able to customize the titles of their links, while each link will also be shown with the relevant platform icon in the pop-up display. That’ll provide more ways to build your web presence from your YouTube, and could be a valuable option for extending your connections off-platform.
YouTube first previewed the update back in May, as part of a broader refresh of some key channel elements.
Along the same line, YouTube’s also adding some additional channel tabs, like “Courses” for those that have courses enabled, and a “Releases” tab for musicians to showcase their latest tracks and albums.
The idea is that by providing more external linking options, YouTube will be a more attractive home base for creators, which will better ingratiate the platform with its top stars, by working as a growth assistant, as opposed to siloing off each aspect.
It’s a good update, which could drive big value for some users.
YouTube says that the new link display will be visible to all users by August 23rd.

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