‘The Sea Beast’ Poster Teases a Massive Adventure for a Massive Monster


Image Via Netflix

Geeked Week keeps heating up as Netflix has released a new trailer and poster for The Sea Beast, an upcoming animated film starring Karl Urban as the voice of a mighty monster hunter. Inspired by history’s great navigators, The Sea Beast imagines a world where sea monsters are real, which leads to the rise of brave heroes who swear to defend humanity against such threats.

The new poster shows a small wooden boat lost in front of a colossal red sea creature. The monster is massive, and it’s obvious it could break the boat with no effort if it wanted to. The creature also seems to have seen its fair share of battles against humans, as its horn is scratched all over as if it was targeted by harpoons and cannons. Unaware of the danger, the small boat’s passengers search for something in the sea.

First, we have Jacob Holland (Urban), the mightiest monster hunter who ever set sail in the Seven Seas. Then, we have the young Maisie (Zaris-Angel Hator) with a telescope in her hands. The young girl is so fascinated by Jacob’s adventures that she’ll sneak into his boat, putting The Sea Beast’s events into motion. Finally, we have Blue, a cute baby monster that Maisie and Jacob find on a deserted island. As the movie’s trailer teases, during their adventures together, Jacob and Maisie realize the sea monsters might not be as evil as they seem, which will force the unlikely duo to confront other monster hunters.

‘The Sea Beast’: Karl Urban Hunts Giant Monsters in Trailer for Animated Adventure Film

Image via Netflix


Directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Chris Williams, The Sea Beast takes inspiration from actual historical reports of giant sea creatures sinking ships and devouring whole crews. While these tall tales were created due to the lack of explanation for ships going missing many centuries ago, The Sea Beast used real 16th and 17th-century drawings of sea creatures to make the film’s monsters. The Sea Monster is also the second sea-bound adventure directed by Williams, who also brought us Moana. Williams is also known for Big Hero 6, which explains why The Sea Beast is one of the most anticipated animated films of 2022.

Williams co-wrote The Sea Beast together with Nell Benjamin (Unhappily Ever After) and produced along with Jed Schlanger. The Sea Beast voice cast also includes Jared Harris, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Dan Stevens, and Kathy Burke.

The Sea Beast comes to Netflix on July 8. Check out the new poster below

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