The DCU Already Has 3 Heroes For The Justice League’s Replacement

There are already three DC superheroes who can assemble a DCU superhero team that could replace the Justice League. Despite its large number of characters, the DCEU barely managed to assemble the Justice League once during its 10-year run, and it missed out on developing other teams like the Suicide Squad and Black Adam’s Justice Society. With just one Justice League story in the franchise, the Teen Titans had an even smaller chance of ever appearing on screen, let alone establishing themselves as a DCEU superhero team.
Many DC heroes have joined the Teen Titans in DC Comics, but similar to how Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Flash are a constant in almost every iteration of the Justice League, the Teen Titans’ staple lineup consists of Dick Grayson a.k.a. Robin, Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Raven, and Kid Flash, though other members like Cyborg, Red Arrow, and Aqualad have always been key members of the team as well. Before any of those Teen Titans are introduced in the DC Universe, however, three members may already be on their way to form the team.

The DCU’s 3 Titans Members Explained

The DCEU already introduced two characters who would fit the Teen Titans perfectly. First, Sasha Calle’s Supergirl became a highlight of The Flash despite her limited screentime. Calle’s Supergirl is a young and largely inexperienced yet immensely powerful hero who’s just beginning to explore Earth. The few interactions she had with Barry Allen and Batman also prove she has plenty to offer within a team other than sheer strength. And second, Xolo Maridueña’s Blue Beetle is now eager to prove his worth as a superhero. If the DCU turns Ted Kord into a Justice League member, it would make sense for Jaime Reyes to join the Teen Titans.
The third possible member of the DCU’s Teen Titans hasn’t been introduced yet, but he will soon co-star in one of the DC Universe’s most anticipated movies. The Brave and The Bold will feature the DCU’s new Batman alongside his son, Damian Wayne. While Dick Grayson is the Robin most commonly associated with the Teen Titans, Damian once gathered and led Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Kid Flash in an unexpected Teen Titans mission that targeted Damian’s grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul. A similar Teen Titans roster in the DCU could give Damian Wayne his time in the spotlight and allow Dick Grayson to star in his own stories as Nightwing.

Blue Beetle Makes Titans More Likely Than Justice League (For Now)

Integrating Blue Beetle as the DCU’s first hero opens the door for new overarching storylines away from the Justice League. After joining the DCU, Jaime Reyes can find other inexperienced heroes and attempt to follow in the footsteps of more veteran heroes like Guy Gardner and Superman. The Teen Titans would then serve as the audience’s point of view as they begin to explore a universe full of already established heroes, and they could leave their mark on the franchise without staying under the Justice League’s shadow. Meanwhile, the DCU’s temporarily absent Justice League could get more time to assemble and distance itself from the DCEU’s version of the team.

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