The Boys: Black Noir Can Return From The Dead (At A Serious Cost)

Black Noir can return from the dead and The Boys comic book shows how. Lamplighter’s shocking status in the popular Dynamite Comics series reveals The Seven and Vought-American have a method to bring back heroes from the dead. But, unlike other ways to bring heroes back to life from Marvel Comics, such as the mutants resurrection protocol, bringing a Supe back comes with some serious complications.

One of the most shocking deaths in The Boys television series came when Homelander killed Black Noir for hiding the secret of his father, Soldier Boy, from him. Black Noir’s death played out quite differently in live-action than in the comics, as unlike the story it would later inspire, the Supe wasn’t a former member of Payback who suffered a grave injury impacting his mental capacity, but instead ended up being a Homelander clone killed in his final stand. While Black Noir’s death seems permanent, The Boys comic book series showed a way to bring him back to life.

Darick Robertson, Matt Jacobs, Simon Bowland, and Tony Avina, The Legend shares that when The Seven re-emerged after a break following an incident that nearly destroyed their public image, the team returned with a different version of the Supe Lamplighter. Furthermore, the Legend reveals the new Lamplighter was the first ever Supe to undergo Vought-American’s resurrection process, as he secretly returned from the dead but at the cost of losing almost his entire cognitive functions. If Vought-American has a similar resurrection protocol in The Boys television series, Black Noir can be brought back to life.

The caveat with the resurrection of Lamplighter is that he’s barely alive, as his brain doesn’t seem to work well, as he was changed into a shell of his former self. However, if The Boys television series decides to implement its own resurrection protocol, it’s possible Black Noir can come back with or without the same limitations, assuming Vought-American can use Compound V to revive him. It would be a lot of fun to see them bring the Supe back in a Lazarus Pit-style way, as Black Noir could be unleashed against Homelander instead of being braindead like Lamplighter was upon his own resurrection.

Black Noir is too important of a character in the comics and television series to stay dead. So, if The Boys decide to resurrect the hero, they already have a built-in way of doing so. Although, Black Noir’s potential resurrection would hopefully go quite differently than Lamplighter’s, as the Supe in The Boys has already suffered enough trauma to come back even lesser than before like his fellow member of The Seven.

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