Superman vs Supergirl Will Decide the Final Fate of DC’s Universe

DC Comics’ final installment of the DCeased storyline, titled DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1, begins with changing Supergirl’s origin story to align with the zombie apocalypse. In doing so, the comic suggests that Supergirl, who became infected with the Anti-Life Equation, will fight Superman to determine the fate of the alternate DCeased universe.

The saga began with Darkseid corrupting Cyborg’s analog using the Anti-Life Equation, causing him to turn into a zombie and return to Earth. He rapidly infected the population through digital devices connected to the internet. Those infected try to literally claw the virus out of their heads before succumbing to a zombie-like state that makes them eager to transfer the virus through blood-to-blood contact. The Batcomputer estimated 600 million people across the globe were infected during the initial outbreak and believed the number would rise to the billions in the future. The world’s hope is lost when the Anti-Life virus infects Superman and turns him into one of the undead, making him fly into the sun so he can absorb it. Hope lives on, however, when the surviving heroes develop a cure and restore Superman to his usual self.

DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #1 changes Supergirl’s origin story to imply that Zor-El’s discrimination toward Earthlings is what results in his daughter’s death and revival as a zombie. Her power and lack of care for life combined with that of the New Gods poses the biggest threat to the surviving heroes and life in the DCeased universe. Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine’s issue opens with Kara escaping Kandor during Brainiac’s invasion. In her escape pod, she can hear Zor-El’s narration explaining that she is sent to New Genesis, criticizing Jor-El’s decision to send his son to “live with primitives” instead of “benevolent gods devoted to peace.” These so-called benevolent New Gods of Genesis (including an unliving Darkseid) have become infected with the Anti-Life virus and attack Kara, turning her into one of the undead. The undead is more powerful than the heroes realize when they find Brainiac’s ship damaged, and he is missing his entire lower torso.

The recording shows Zor-El’s misconceptions about Earth since he considers humans “primitives,” a derogatory term that suggests humans are unworthy of equal status due to their lack of knowledge and technological advances. His desire to have Kara live among friendly, peaceful gods implies that Zor-El thinks Earth is an undesirable place to live because its inhabitants are mean, violent mortals. The irony is that New Genesis has become uninhabitable due to the Anti-Life Equation, showing how the virus removes the New Gods’ morality, so they do not hold back while subduing and killing a Kryptonian like Supergirl. Their combined strength and lack of morals are emphasized when the Supermen find Brainiac dying, and his ship damaged, suggesting his collection of intergalactic knowledge and power from conquering worlds was insufficient at stopping ruthless, super-powered zombies.

The first installment leaves fans wondering how the Earth heroes will react to Brainiac’s attack and what is coming for them. Supergirl’s powers and immorality as a zombie will undoubtedly challenge Superman and his unwavering morality in DCeased: War of the Undead Gods. It appears that DC Comics is setting up this showdown to determine how the DCeased universe will survive, if at all.

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