MCU: Blade Movie Receives Exciting Filming Update

 While much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is planned out and set somewhat in stone for the next couple of years, a handful of big new entries remain up in the air in terms of production and release. Deadpool 3 is currently being written while Marvel is also searching for a new director for Fantastic Four, but this group includes Mahershala Ali’s Blade as well.

Blade has been on the MCU’s slate for nearly three years, after studio president Kevin Feige announced the project with Ali at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019. Since then, Basim Tariq signed with Marvel Studios to direct the movie and Stacy Osei-Kuffour became its head writer, but Blade remains largely a mystery outside of those big staffing moves.

Even though Marvel is now nearly 18 months into Phase 4, Blade still doesn’t have a timeframe nailed down for its production or any signs pointing to when it will eventually debut in theaters. Now, while nothing is on the books for certain, a new rumor is teasing that the project may be underway sooner rather than later.

Blade May Have Production Start Date

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Production List shared that Marvel Studios has tentatively planned to begin shooting Mahershala Ali’s Blade on July 4, with filming taking place in Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana.

This date is likely not the exact day Blade will begin its work, as it’s a federal holiday, but production could kick off as early as Tuesday, July 5.

When Will Blade Release?

Should this information prove to be true, the MCU isn’t too far away from diving into its supernatural storytelling, as the franchise brings a vampire to life on the big screen in a leading role.

After Mahershala Ali appeared in a voiceover cameo during the post-credits scene in Eternals, fans have waited anxiously for any news about when he would make his first full appearance on screen. There are even rumors of him showing up before that time, but knowing that his own solo movie is potentially close to starting up is thrilling news nonetheless.

If filming does indeed commence a month from now, filming will likely move forward in New Orleans and Atlanta at least until the end of 2022, and more than likely into the early stages of 2023. Combining that timeframe with a few months of post-production work could give fans a clearer picture on when exactly to expect Blade to actually premiere in theaters after that work is complete.

At one point, rumors hinted toward Blade initially aiming for an October 2022 release date, which would line up with the Halloween season, although that same timeframe could now be a realistic goal for 2023. Once things actually kick-off, the picture will become clearer though, as Eric Brooks and crew finally take their place alongside Marvel Studios’ biggest and brightest names.

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