‘Lightyear’s Cast and Crew Share What the Iconic Space Ranger Means to Them

What does the character Buzz Lightyear mean to you? For many of us who saw the first Toy Story movie in 1995, it means the voice of Tim Allen first proudly saying, “To infinity, and beyond!” It’s the idea of a brave character who is ready to travel to the outskirts of the galaxy to protect those he loves or chase down a car over several state lines in an attempt to get back to the place he calls home. In a new featurette for Lightyear, we’re hearing directly from the voice cast of the upcoming Buzz-centered feature about the connection they have with the space ranger.

If you found yourself quickly connecting with the characters in that first film, you’re not alone. Lightyear stars Keke Palmer and Chris Evans also found much to be “relatable” with the talking plastic figures on the screen. The story of Lightyear won’t just give audiences more of a background on the leading cosmic jetter, but will also show those audiences how Andy and his friends from the original movie first saw Buzz and why they wanted to buy the action toy in the first place. As for his background, we’ll come to learn about Buzz joining Star Command and the lengths that he goes through to come out on top over and over again. Along with Palmer and Evans, the trailer also features comments and insights from director Angus MacLane, producer Galyn Sussman, and fellow stars, Taika Waititi and Uzo Aduba.

If you’re ready to take on all the aliens the galaxy and Zurg (James Brolin) have to throw at you, you won’t need to wait much longer as Lightyear is preparing to dock in theaters on June 17. An incredible score by Oscar, Emmy, and Grammy-winning composer, Michael Giacchino will be the soundtrack to Buzz and his team’s exploration into deep space. There’s also a very cute robotic kitten named Sox (Peter Sohn), who looks to be equally adorable and blunt when it comes to tagging along with Buzz and the rest of the deep space team. The feature’s ensemble will be made up of the vocal stylings of Efren Ramirez, Dale Soules, Mary Lewis, and Isiah Whitlock Jr.


If you’re preparing for Lightyear’s takeoff by binging the Toy Story franchise, this featurette is something you absolutely need to toss into the lineup. Take a step behind the film to see how it was all formed and what Buzz Lightyear means to the cast and crew of Lightyear in the featurette below.

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