How Much Tom Hardy Will Be Paid For Venom 3 Revealed

Tom Hardy’s salary for Venom 3 has been revealed. Sony’s foray into developing a shared Spider-Man universe has largely been successful due to the success of the Venom movies, which saw Tom Hardy transform into the investigative journalist Eddie Brock, who hosts the titular alien symbiote. The original Venom came out in 2018, and its massive box office haul prompted Sony to greenlight a sequel, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which released in 2021. Venom 2 earned better reviews than is predecessor and made a whopping $500 million worldwide, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Considering its performance, it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Sony officially announced Venom 3 at CinemaCon 2022.

There isn’t much known about Venom 3, aside from the fact that Hardy is returning to play Eddie. Recently, the actor shared an update on the development status of the threequel, confirming that he was co-writing the Venom 3 script with Kelly Marcel after the duo collaborated on Let There Be Carnage. In the original movie, besides starring and writing the screenplay, Hardy also served as producer, although it’s not clear if he would take on these creative duties for Venom 3. Still, it appears that Hardy will take a large sum home for the project.

A new report from Variety suggests that Hardy could be paid as much as $20 million for reprising his role in Sony’s Venom 3. The salary is the base pay for Hardy’s performance only. However, the actor could presumably be receiving more, given his writing and possible producing duties on Venom 3 may lead to a more substantial income.

This impressive payout doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that Hardy is an A-list actor who has starred in blockbuster films including Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Legend, and The Revenant. What’s more, a $20 million compensation is typical for stars of his stature. His peers like Vin Diesel, Chris Hemsworth, and Ryan Reynolds are earning similar sums for their work on Fast X, Extraction 2, and Spirited, respectively. As of this report, it’s unclear if Hardy has any deals in place tied to Venom 3’s box office earnings. The actor could negotiate a potential profit-sharing agreement, as well as a first-dollar gross contract, as Tom Cruise and others have done, which could increase his earnings. However, it’s unlikely that information would be disclosed to the public.

Considering that Hardy has starred in notable projects for almost 25 years, it makes sense for Sony to put money into his widely recognized star power, especially after both of its Venom collaborations with him proved to be lucrative. The actor earned $7 million in his Sony Spider-Man Universe debut, and although his Let There Be Carnage pay has not been officially declared, it is estimated to be around $15-17 million. Taking these figures into account, a $20 million payout for the upcoming Venom 3 movie isn’t necessarily a big jump; rather, it is an anticipated increase. Hardy also doesn’t pocket all his earnings, but frequently makes sizeable donations to the causes such as cancer research and treatment, youth development, and support for mental health and those living with disabilities. Regardless, the actor’s Venom 3 pay out is undeniably impressive.

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