Groot’s Disney+ Spin-off Receives New Poster, Release Date & More


Whilst the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy prepare for what will be a jam-packed 2023, their fellow Flora Colossus, Groot, is prepping for his own adventure. I Am Groot is a Guardians spin-off set to debut later this year on Disney+, focusing on Baby Groot, as he gets up to all sorts of intergalactic shenanigans. 

Announced back in December 2020, I Am Groot will offer up bite-sized doses of the MCU fandom’s favorite walking flora. The project is being helmed by Canadian film director Ryan Little, who is serving as head writer on the series. And Kirsten Lepore, of Adventure Time fame, will take her place in the director’s chair. 

Not too much is known about the pint-sized Marvel series, but recent news has determined exactly when the world will end up seeing it. 

I Am Groot Gets a Release Date

Marvel Studios unveiled the release date for I Am Groot, alongside a new poster for the upcoming Disney+ series. 

The Groot-centric collection of streaming shorts will debut on the service on August 10, with the project centered on “Baby Groot’s glory days growing up, and getting into trouble among the stars,” according to its new synopsis.

Get Ready For Groot
Since his debut in the first Guardians of the Galaxy film, Groot has quickly become one of the most universally beloved characters in the MCU. That adoration only increased when the world was introduced to his pocket-sized variant, Baby Groot. 
So to finally see when this little guy will be getting his own series will be an exciting prospect for many. Not too much is given away in the announcement here; however, there are a few small notes one can glean from it. 
One of the more interesting aspects of this unveil is the focus on music – a theme that runs deep in the Guardians franchise as a whole. If in fact, the headphones seen atop Groot’s head in the poster here are most than just set decoration, perhaps audiences could be treated to a brand-new rocking soundtrack, serving as an ‘Awesome Mix Vol 2.5’ before fans get the full 3.0 version in next year’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.
Another fascinating aspect of this announcement is the release date itself. It is unclear if this will be a weekly release or dropping all at once. August is getting pretty packed on Diseny+ with Andor and She-Hulk both starting their runs in that same calendar month. So, if I Am Groot is expected to drop weekly, it may end up getting lost in the shuffle as its bigger cousins start to appear on the service. 
I Am Groot is set to debut on Disney+ on August 10. 

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