Batman’s Rogues Gallery Are Officially a Risk to the Entire DC Universe

As much as the villains Batman faces on a daily basis have troubled Gotham, they may be putting the entire DC Universe in danger. One risk-taking businessman showed that the Dark Knight’s villains are prepared to seek revenge no matter where in the world they have to go.

Since he returned to his city to keep his home safe, Batman has consistently been hounded by villains who wish to do Gotham harm. Whether they desire control or destruction or simply wish to cause chaos, Batman and his allies have been locked in a never-ending battle with their various enemies. Batman’s rogues gallery is made up of some of the most ruthless and effective villains in the DCU and many of them have shown the ability to keep Gotham’s greatest protector on his toes multiple times. Thankfully, no matter the threat they present, Batman is able to keep their damage contained more often than not.

However, the Joker proved he was willing to take his criminal machinations out of the city when he demanded satisfaction over a small slight. In Harley Quinn #1 by Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson, Jack Happi, owner of Happyland theme park hires actors to portray knockoff versions of Batman’s many villains to put on shows in the new Gotham-themed area of the park. The news of Happyland’s addition to the park makes Joker positively livid, especially considering he isn’t getting properly compensated for his likeness being used. He decides to take revenge and has his henchmen and Harley Quinn take point on developing an appropriate response. Harley fashions a roller coaster to murder Jack Happi and his assistant, complete with axes and machine guns that nearly kills the two.

Now Happyland certainly wouldn’t be the first attempt to capitalize on Bruce Wayne’s enemies. In fact, Gotham has a Batman-themed restaurant called Batburger that has an entire menu inspired by the hero and his many villains. But Joker showed a particular irritation by having his image used by a non-resident of Gotham, especially with money being involved. This one incident may show that the morbid interest in Gotham’s criminal element could put anyone in danger no matter where they are.

The mystique of Gotham and its many colorful villains is just as entertaining to people in the DC Universe as it is to real-life fans. In-universe, there are movies, plays and other entertainment avenues based on the exciting adventures of Batman and his villains. But those portrayals aren’t always accurate, or flattering as far as baddies like Joker are concerned. They may be a little more sensitive to having their image used for profit and, as the Clown Prince of Crime proved, take revenge for such an offense. It seems that no matter where in the DC Universe they’re being ripped off, Batman’s villains are ready to take action over any insults to their honor.

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