YouTuber Tests iPhone 14 Crash Detection By Crashing An Actual Car

A popular YouTube channel has tested the iPhone 14’s crash detection feature by crashing an actual car with an iPhone 14 Pro strapped inside. Announced earlier this month at Apple’s Far Out event, the iPhone 14 lineup comes with several new features and upgrades over the iPhone 13 series, although most of them are reserved for the Pro and Pro Max models. Thankfully, Crash Detection is one of the few new features available across all four iPhone 14 models.

To detect crashes, Apple is using a slew of sensors in the iPhone 14, including a new dual-core accelerometer and gyroscope. The system can reportedly detect impacts up to 256G, which is a lot by any standard. Once the device detects a crash, it displays an alert and automatically initiates a call to emergency services after 20 seconds unless canceled. If the user is unresponsive, the device plays an audio message to inform the emergency services about the crash and sends them the crash site’s latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates with an approximate search radius. Alongside the iPhone lineup, the crash detection feature is also available on all the Apple Watch models launched this year.

YouTuber TechRax, which has more than 7.6 million subscribers on the platform, posted a six-minute-long video of a real-world experiment that tested the crash detection feature of the iPhone 14. The YouTuber used an iPhone 14 Pro for the test that involved crashing a car multiple times to see if the feature works as advertised. The device was strapped to the back of the driver’s headrest at the time of the crash.

iPhone 14 Real-World Crash Detection Test

Thankfully, the YouTuber knew better than to endanger themselves and their friends in the test, and therefore used a remote-control setup to drive an empty car and ram it against a bunch of old wrecks in what looked like a large, open junkyard. After every crash, the feature worked as advertised, detecting the collision and starting a 10-second timer to call emergency services.

Once the crash detection kicked in, the phone displayed a message that read, “It looks like you’ve been in a crash,” before the timer started. The video also documents how the YouTuber had to rush to the car after every crash to disable the call. Overall, the video is the perfect confluence of tech and demolition derby and is immense fun to watch. More importantly, it proves that the iPhone 14’s crash detection feature works in real-world scenarios, which is good news for would-be users.

Source: TechRax/YouTube

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