Wong Is the Glue of the MCU’s Phase 4 – Which Could Spell His Doom

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a knack for making sense of such a sprawling universe by showing it through the eyes of particular focal points. In the past, this has been through Tony Stark, Nick Fury or Phil Coulson. However, as the multiverse expands and more superpowered people appear, Wong has become the fan favorite to usher in these new worlds to fans. But even though his importance has grown, disaster could be on the way for the Sorcerer Supreme down the line.

Many MCU fans have made a point to notice just how prominent Wong has become. From appearing in films like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings to showing up in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, Wong’s presence has felt like a necessity to make sense of all the constant parts of a machine in motion. Before the Avengers formed, this was similar to how Phil Coulson took the role of the audience and had appearances in various films to keep a sense of cohesion, whether by meeting Thor or scolding Tony Stark. But sadly, his true purpose came in The Avengers when he got killed by Loki and gave the team someone to literally avenge.

While no dangers have appeared to create a concern for a similar fate with Wong, there’s no denying that the odds have slowly staked against him over the years. At first, his death seemed all but confirmed when the Scarlet Witch kidnapped and tortured him in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. His end even got teased when she tossed him over the side of Wundagore Mountain. Typically, a move like that could be considered foreshadowing, but even now, it could be too early in the timeline to tell.

In fact, with more supernatural threats growing, Wong may have more important roles to complete before his final act could come into play. With the appearance of vampires and the confirmation of Gods, the Sorcerer Supreme may have to make sense of all these emerging changes. Furthermore, he’s tried to solve the mystery surrounding the Ten Rings, making him a liaison for the Avengers as he has his own duties that take precedence. But with the arrival of Kang, a shakeup in the status quo could happen.

Before the Snap, Doctor Strange was in the running to be Sorcerer Supreme. However, Wong’s ability to take on the challenge earned him the spot with no opposition. But, now that Strange is back and tackling concepts like incursions, he may be next in line to take over. Plus, now that he’s taken on a role similar to Tony, that would place Wong further into the part held by Coulson. Therefore, should Wong’s end come at the hands of Kang, that would imply Strange would take his place as Sorcerer Supreme.

Wong’s presence in the MCU has been a fun and welcome one so far. Through him, audiences have gained a much better understanding of how things are changing in the MCU. But for all the help he’s offered, there’s still a strong chance that his days are numbered. His growing presence could signify this, just as much as his fake-out deaths or greater responsibility. If true, that would leave the only question being if his end could come sooner or later.

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