Watch: Batgirl Chases Brendan Fraser’s Villain In Intense New Movie Set Video


Has there ever been a better year to be a Batman fan? In addition to Matt Reeves’ The Batman coming to theaters on March 4, DC fans will also witness the return of Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck’s Batmen in The Flash on November 4. But still, that’s not all. Warner Bros. is expected to release Batgirl as the DCEU’s first-ever streaming movie on HBO Max this December, starring Leslie Grace as Barbara Gordon or Batgirl and The Mummy‘s Brendan Fraser as Firefly.

In addition to Leslie Grace, Batgirl also stars Justice League‘s J.K. Simmons as Barbara’s father, Commissioner Gordon, along with Michael Keaton’s Batman whom, apparently, was just getting started in The Flash

While DC fans have seen images of Grace’s Batgirl, and her cinematic costume, new footage from the film’s shoot in Glasgow has now revealed Gotham City’s heroine in action, as well as first looks at Fraser’s arson-happy baddie. 

Batgirl Action Scenes Reveal Brendan Fraser’s Firefly

Twitter user @BatgirlFilm shared two new videos and a photo of Batgirl‘s production in the Scottish city of Glasgow, including footage of an action-packed chase sequence featuring Batgirl and Firefly. 

The first video is believed to be Leslie Grace’s double riding a motorcycle and in pursuit of Firefly who stands atop a firetruck. There are also additional flame effects which, in the film, will likely be attributed to Fraser’s villain. 

🔥It’s Mad Max on the streets of Gotham!🔥


— Batgirl Film News 🦇 (@BatgirlFilm) March 1, 2022

 Additional footage offers a look at Firefly’s costume from behind, which appears to include his flamethrower jet pack from the comics. 

Thoughts on Firefly’s look? #Batgirl

— Batgirl Film News 🦇 (@BatgirlFilm) March 1, 2022

Finally, an additional photo of Firefly provides a better look at the character’s full costume and design, including a profile view of his mask. 


Exclusive new look at Firefly’s Full Costume (mask included)! #Batgirl

— Batgirl Film News 🦇 (@BatgirlFilm) March 1, 2022

Batgirl’s Baddie Wants to Watch the World Burn

Like most comic book characters, Firefly’s story has varied through the years and through different iterations of storytelling. While fans don’t yet know how Warner Bros. intends to portray this truly fiery villain or what liberties the studio may take, according to the comics, his original name is Garfield Lynns and he’s basically a pyromaniac who literally wants to watch the world burn. 

As Firefly, Lynns is known for wielding a variety of equipment and gadgets, including a jetpack and flamethrower, a flaming sword, and even napalm. While this sort of villain is sure to create plenty of explosive action sequences, it’s possible that he was chosen as Batgirl‘s prime antagonist due to his role in Barbara Gordon’s 2003 origin story miniseries: Batgirl: Year One

Since Batgirl is still shooting in Glasgow, it’s possible that fans will see more of Fraser’s villain and additional action-packed scenes from the set before Warner Bros. begins promoting the DCEU’s inaugural streaming movie. 

Batgirl is expected to release on HBO Max in December 2022. 

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