Venom 3 Delayed Four Months To November 2024 As Actors Strike Comes To An End

Venom 3 is officially getting a new release date in the midst of the SAG-AFTRA strike ending, as the Marvel movie is being delayed. Tom Hardy’s time as Venom might be coming to an end with Venom 3 currently set to be the trilogy finale. Details are currently unknown, including who the villains might be in Venom 3 and if there will be more connections to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

Not even 24 hours have passed since the SAG-AFTRA strike came to an end, and Sony Pictures has already announced a new release date for Venom 3. However, instead of heading to theaters for summer, Venom 3 will now officially come out on November 8, 2024. Deadline has also revealed that Venom 3 is expected to resume production as of this week, with no word yet from Sony Pictures.

Why Venom 3 Getting Delayed Is Actually A Good Thing

While it might be frustrating for those who enjoy Sony’s Spider-Man Universe to see Venom 3 getting pushed back again, this is actually a major benefit for the movie. One of the things that superhero movies have particularly suffered from over the last few years, especially in 2023, is rushed productions. Whether it be last minute reshoots or not enough time to finish VFX, comic book films have been a hit or miss when it comes to their final end result, and all stages of production are crucial factors to that.

Even though Venom 3 is resuming filming this week, it is unknown how much of the film had actually already been filmed prior to the shutdown. By having extra months to work on post-production throughout 2024, Sony Pictures is increasing its chances of having a better product when Venom 3 hits theaters. Given that this is likely the last installment in the movie franchise, the creative team will need all the extra time to perfect the threequel.

A huge positive takeaway from Venom 3’s latest updates is that more information about the mysterious sequel may soon start to emerge. It might be through set photos or videos, but some spoilers are bound to get shared online depending on where they are filming. While the world waits for Venom 3, they can relive the first two movies through Blu-ray/DVD and on streaming.

Source: Sony Pictures & Deadline

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