Turning Red – Movie Release Date, Scenes, Facts and Reviews

 One of the most exciting movie release dates I have heard for quite some time now is The Princess of Cleopatra. The trailer made it look like a classy Roman themed romantic comedy, but based on the trailers and early clip we have seen, the movie really looks like a combination of The Breakfast Club and Meet the Parents. The main character, Cleopatra herself is played by Angelina Jolie, who did a great job in the first part of The Matrix. And just like with the other two movies, The Princess of Cleopatra will be directed by none other than Clint Eastwood. No movie director has ever helmed a film as entertaining and as Oscar-worthy as this one.


The upcoming movie release date will continue to delight fans of the infamous Roman play. It will be releasing on March 16th, which makes it just as important as any other movie on the big screen right now. The fact that it is springtime for the hottest fashion shows all around the world, it only makes sense that this movie should come out at the height of the fashion calendar year. I would even go as far as to say that audiences who love romances and the Roman era will be able to remember this movie long after it has been shown.

                                            Roman Period Time Cat                                       

In the meantime, what can lovers of the Roman period do to prepare for this highly anticipated movie release date? There are actually quite a few options available to those who are interested in experiencing the timeless romance and drama of The Princess of Cleopatra. The first decision is whether or not to see the original version of the play. While The Princess of Cleopatra does have its flaws (it is rather slow and lacks in plot), it is still one of the best ones ever staged. The version that was shown in 2021 on the big screen was also quite good. The quality of the DVD release of The Princess of Cleopatra has never been better.

If one wants to experience a modern day version of The Princess of Cleopatra, then a modern dress costume would be best. A red and white satin costume would look fresh today. However, if time has elapsed by then, the real beauty of the original outfit can be enjoyed. The most notable colors of this period are rich burgundy and emerald colors. The color palette for this period is considered extremely vivid today.

                                              Sexy Low Cut Gown Cat                                      

For those who want to dress up as Cleopatra for a night out on the town, a nice pair of sexy low cut gowns would be the perfect costume. Black stockings and red high heels would make any woman feel like a rock star. Of course, this is a somewhat risky costume to choose for a daytime event, but for an evening on the town and a fancy dinner with friends, one’s appearance is often determined by one’s wardrobe. One must remember that the style and material of the evening gown is very important. Also, since this was a very famous costume in its day, it is likely to remain popular for some time to come.

For those who are fans of Roman mythology, a look that is based on the story would look perfect. Going all out with a full face mask, fangs, feathers and red hair would bring out the true essence of this beautiful character. If one is a female, a full red cover up with a low cut skirt looks absolutely divine. With a mask like this, even the men in the room will take notice.

                                        Realistic Costume is Pretty Nice                               

For those who are into theater and movies, a more realistic looking costume might be the way to go. One can opt for a full lace up wig or a more authentic costume. This would probably be more suitable for a night out at the movies, although one could just as easily dress up as Medusa and walk the walk. No matter what one chooses to do though, it is sure to be an exciting movie night.

For anyone who is thinking about a red hair dress, one should know that they are not limited to just red hair. In fact, there are plenty of different shades that one can choose from. The most popular shade for women is red, followed by blonde, black, and blue. Men can go for red or any other shade depending on their mood for that evening. The red movie costume for both sexes is sure to be a big hit at this year’s big movie release events.

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