Thor: Love and Thunder Makes MCU History With Naughty Rating


Thor: Love and Thunder will showcase a romantic comedy adventure set in space, meaning that the expectations for its rating would easily be PG-13. However, when the film’s official trailer arrived, its ending showcased a partially nude Chris Hemsworth after Russell Crowe’s Zeus flicked his fingers to threaten the God of Thunder. 

The fun didn’t stop there for fans, as an expanded look at Hemsworth’s muscular and topless body was unveiled when Love and Thunder’s IMAX trailer was released to the public. As a result, viewers have been wondering if the blurred-out part of the MCU veteran’s behind will be fully revealed in the final cut of the movie.

Now, the sequel’s official rating may have given a hint at how much nudity will be in the movie. 

Thor 4’s Naughty Rating Revealed 

The MPAA, via Screen Connections, officially revealed the rating for director Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder. 

The Chris Hemsworth-led sequel has been officially rated PG-13 due to “intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action, language, some suggestive material, and partial nudity.”

This marks the first time that an MCU project has been rated as such due to partial nudity. Based on the trailer, Hemsworth’s blurred-out behind could be the culprit of such a rating. 

Thor 4 Makes MCU History in a ‘Naughty’ Way
All MCU films have a PG-13 rating for a variety of reasons, such as “intense sequences of action and violence,” “some language,” and even “brief sexuality.” Still, even before its release, Thor: Love and Thunder is already making MCU history due to a specific reason behind its rating, which is the partial nudity aspect. 

It is unknown if the hilarious (and now iconic) scene between Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Russell Crowe’s Zeus in the trailer will be slightly altered due to this official rating, potentially erasing the blurred-out part of the former’s behind.

During Thor: Ragnarok, a similar scenario happened when the buttocks of Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk were briefly seen on-screen, but the film’s rating didn’t include partial nudity at all in its summary. It’s possible that the rating only applies to humans and not hulked-out beings.

Meanwhile, Eternals featured the MCU’s first sex scene, but it still maintained its PG-13 rating since the sequence didn’t involve any nudity.  

At this point, it remains to be seen if other scenes with nudity will be unveiled in the final cut, further justifying its PG-13 rating. 

Thor: Love and Thunder is set to premiere in theaters on July 8. 

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