This Is Why The iPad 10th-Generation Doesn’t Work With Apple Pencil 2

Apple’s 10th-generation iPad features USB-C and a design similar to the iPad Pro and iPad Air, but why does it only support the Lightning-enabled first-generation Apple Pencil? The 10th-generation iPad surprised both buyers and reviewers with its inclusion of a front-facing landscape camera, which is a first on any iPad. More importantly, this feature is absent on the higher-end iPad Pro models. Since the 10th-gen iPad added a landscape camera without supporting the Apple Pencil 2, it was natural to wonder whether the two features were connected.

The uncertainly surrounding the lack of Apple Pencil 2 support on the 10th-generation iPad was put to rest by iFixit, which posted a teardown of the tablet. After iFixit removed the display and glass from the main chassis, the problem with the 10th-generation iPad’s design became apparent. The components for the iPad’s landscape camera were housed in the same general area as the wireless charging coil within the iPad Pro and Air. This magnetic, wireless charging window makes it possible for the Apple Pencil 2 to pair and charge on those iPads. The inclusion of the landscape camera on the 10th-generation iPad all but prevented the second-gen Apple Pencil from connecting in its usual location.

Can Apple Move The iPad’s Magnetic Connector?

The natural solution to this problem appears to be moving the Apple Pencil’s magnetic connector on the iPad, but iFixit’s Shahram Mokhtari says this isn’t possible. “As it stands, the magnets on the Apple Pencil 2 don’t quite line up with the iPad 10’s magnets,” Mokhtari says in the video. “The wireless charging coil would be sitting in the center, but if it were to be moved down, you could theoretically have a Pencil that could attach here.” However, the teardown specialist finds another potential issue with moving the Apple Pencil’s magnetic connector down the iPad’s chassis. “But then, the wireless charging coil would interfere with the magnet placement.”
With this information kept in mind, it seems that Apple decided the addition of a landscape camera to the base-model iPad was more important than Apple Pencil 2 support. But since the higher-end iPads Air and Pro utilize a similar form factor to the new iPad 10, this creates an interesting dilemma for the company. If Apple felt that the landscape camera was important enough to appear on the base model iPad, surely customers can expect it to appear on more expensive variations. iFixit’s teardown of the 10th-generation iPad not only proves why it doesn’t have second-gen Apple Pencil support, but also why higher-end iPads will need a redesign before getting a landscape camera.
Which Apple Pencil Works With iPad 10th-Generation?

iPad 10th-generation users who want to use an Apple Pencil will need to buy the outdated first-gen Apple Pencil that charges via a Lightning port. However, since the 10th-gen iPad has a USB-C port, this necessitates the use of an adapter to connect and charge the Apple Pencil. It’s an awkward, clunky solution, but one Apple felt was justified.
Apple now ships the Apple Pencil (first-gen) with a Lightning to USB-C adapter in the box. To connect the Apple Pencil to the iPad 10th-gen, users will need to plug the Apple Pencil into the adapter’s Lightning port, and connect the iPad to the adapter’s USB-C port using a USB-C cable. This means that iPad 10th-gen users will need to carry both the adapter and a USB-C cable to charge the Apple Pencil or pair it in the event it gets unpaired.

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