The MCU Completely Forgot About Loki’s Greatest Strength

Throughout his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has been portrayed as a diabolical villain, a reluctant hero, and everything in between. However, one side of Loki that has yet to be fully explored is his Frost Giant heritage. Like his comic counterpart, the MCU’s Loki was born to the Frost Giants as the son of King Laufey, adopted by Odin and raised in Asgard.

As an on-screen character, Loki has developed from a villain looking to take down his brother Thor to a time-jumping variant trying to capture another version of himself. Being the god of mischief has allowed him to display not only his high intellect but a whole host of magical powers including astral projection, energy blasts, and even teleportation. However, one thing MCU fans have yet to see is Loki’s Frost Giant Powers.

Loki Would Become More Formidable With Frost Giant Powers

Frost Giants have a long history in the world of Thor, and the powers they have displayed have made life more than difficult for the god of thunder and his adopted brother. Frost Giants have an array of powers and abilities that the MCU’s Loki could adapt to make him an even more complex and dangerous character.
Take, for example, Frost Giants’ most common power, cryokinesis. The ability to manipulate and control ice would give Loki a more tangible power that could be explored in a variety of settings. With his history as a powerful sorcerer already established, this ice manipulation adds to the realism of the character while honoring his birth. Furthermore, Frost Giants are known for their overwhelming size and the strength that comes from being so big. If Loki could magically transform into a Frost Giant, a one-on-one battle with the giant version of Ant-Man would be an MCU crowd-pleaser. A rematch between a Frost Giant version of Loki and The Incredible Hulk would give Loki more of a fighting chance than he had in the first Avengers film.
What If…? Showed Loki’s Frost Giant Potential in the MCU

Though the MCU has yet to capitalize on Loki’s Frost Giant Powers, other incarnations of the character have teased what a film version of the complex villain could look like. The clearest example of this is in the Disney+ animated series What If? In Season 1, Episode 7, “What If… Thor Were an Only Child?,” Marvel presents Loki as an actual Frost Giant. He and Thor become the life of many parties and cause damage across the world, including placing ice beards on the presidents of Mount Rushmore. This brief glimpse of Loki as a Frost Giant was a preview of the endless fun possibilities there are for the character to develop and shine in ways audiences have yet to see on the big screen.

The MCU May Have a Reason for Ignoring Loki’s Frost Giant Powers

The MCU may be hesitant to give Loki his Frost Giant powers because of the development and popularity of the character over the years. The soundest reason for this may be because Loki has been firmly established as a vital part of the Asgardian world. It makes sense for the character to shy away from his Frost Giant heritage because he fought so hard to become an accepted part of his adopted family. Whether it was the acceptance of his adopted father Odin or, more importantly, the love and respect of his brother Thor, Loki’s connection to Asgard trumps his birth roots as a Frost Giant.

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