‘The Gray Man’ Character Posters Highlight Suave Looks From Jessica Henwick, Regé-Jean Page, and More


When it comes to Netflix’s upcoming action thriller, The Gray Man, we’ve seen a lot of the two main characters played by Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling. Heck, we’ve even caught a lot of glimpses at the rockin’ stache Evans’ character Lloyd Hansen sports throughout the film. But, aside from the trailer, which was released a few weeks ago, we haven’t been gifted with many peeks at the film’s side characters. Well, Netflix has taken to Twitter to change all of that! Today, the streamer revealed some new character posters featuring those ensemble members making up the cast and reminding us that even the supporting call sheet is absolutely stacked.

First, we have the man, the myth, the legend, Regé-Jean Page. Page will be playing the role of Denny Carmichael, the Director of National Clandestine Service at the CIA. In short, Denny is the man at the head of the super secret project known as the Sierra program. He’s the man with the plan and in the film, his plan is to wipe out Gosling’s defiant Court Gentry. The words “New Order” are written at the center of the poster, giving us the belief that Denny is hoping to usher in some new procedures at the agency.

Next up, we have Dhanush, who will be playing one of Court Gentry’s hunters, Avik San. While not much is known about Avik, from the previous looks at him, we know he’s a talented fighter who will go to great lengths to see that his target is destroyed. Across the middle of his poster are the words, “Lethal Force,” backing up everything we know so far about one of the men sent to bring Court Gentry down. Another poster reveals Billy Bob Thornton as Donald Fitzroy. Donald is on Court’s side and backs him up on his run from the top dogs at the CIA. The text at the center of his poster reads “World Order,” perhaps pointing to his hope in bringing an end to the secrets told by the special government agency.

Our final two posters feature Jessica Henwick as Suzanne Brewer and Alfre Woodard as Margaret Cahill. Another character who we don’t know much about, Henwick’s Suzanne serves as the Senior Officer of Programs and Plans at the CIA. Judging by this title, we can presume that she has quite a few tricks up her sleeves and is the woman running it all. The center of her poster reads, “Damage Control,” alluding to the tasks she’ll cover during the film. Like Thornton’s Donald Fitzroy, Woodard’s Margaret Cahill will play an integral part in getting Gosling’s Gentry out alive. The center of her poster reads “Counter Intel,” shedding some light on what she brings to the table. We’re guessing that Cahill will be able to muster some punch backs on the agency backing Evans’ Hansen.

You can check out all the posters for The Gray Man below and gear up for the movie’s Netflix premiere on July 22.

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