The Director Teases Dark Turn of Events In Upcoming Episode of Ms. Marvel ( Web series )


Marvel Studios has delivered some darker stories and plot points as Phase 4 continues through new entries like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Moon Knight. Now, the adventure turns to a more light-hearted adventure in Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel, which just aired the first of its six episodes on Disney+.

Vellani’s solo series is already earning high praise from some of the MCU’s top names, continuing the trend after the excitement for Ms. Marvel’s arrival first started following the show’s trailer debuting online. Filled with nods and references to Marvel Studios’ storied history, Episode 1 only scratched the surface of what Kamala Khan’s origin story will add to the franchise’s growing narrative.

Although Ms. Marvel is starting off mostly light-hearted with the 16-year-old starring character, her first MCU outing is sure to get serious and real in the not-too-distant future.

At a recent gathering that featured some of the top names making the series, they teased when things may start to take a darker turn for Kamala as she learns about her newfound abilities.

Ms. Marvel About To Take a Turn

During the global press conference for Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel, the show’s creative team looked ahead to the themes and teases coming in the next five episodes.

Director Adil El Arbi admitted that there will be a couple of darker episodes in the near future where the stakes rise to new levels. Even more so, however, Kamala Khan will dive further into her journey alongside her family and discover her identity at the same time

Things About to Get Real for Ms. Marvel

Although only one episode is available to the public right now, Ms. Marvel has separated itself from the MCU’s Disney+ pack by bringing a sense of childlike wonder and joy into Phase 4 behind Kamala Khan. Her obsession with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and her knack for fan-fiction and other storytelling puts viewers in the shoes of a teenager living in this universe, and it’s largely been a fun time thus far.

Even so, as shown by the first episode’s post-credits scene, Kamala’s world is about to turn upside down in quite a short amount of time.

The Department of Damage Control learning about her existence is something that fans will pay close attention to, especially since it’s the same agent that gave Peter Parker such a hard time in Spider-Man: No Way Home. While it’s unknown when Kamala’s family will learn about her newfound powers, that’s sure to add another layer of drama and intensity to the youngster’s origin story as well.

No matter how all the details work out, this Avengers fangirl is about to learn quickly what it really means to be a powered person in a world full of other powered people.

Episode 1 of Ms. Marvel is now available to stream on Disney+. Episode 2 will debut on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 15.

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