The Boys Turns Compound V Into A Real Life Energy Drink

Compound V from the popular Prime Video series The Boys is finally available to purchase – as an energy drink! The dark TV show, based on comics created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, acts as an antithesis of the glorification of superheroes saturating media nowadays with the success of the MCU and certain DC films. In The Boys, super-powered individuals are not the heroes of the story, but often dangerous antagonists that must be taken down. The Karl Urban and Jack Quaid-led series tackles corporate corruption, the privatization of military assets, and the individual thirst for power. The Boys recently wrapped up its third season.

In The Boys, a major plot point deals with the revelation that heroes are created, not born, with the help of a substance called Compound V. Shown as a blue serum, Compound V can also be taken by those already imbued with powers as a heavy-duty stimulant. In season 3, some members of Supe-fighting team the Boys start taking a version of Compound V, Temp V, which offers powerless individuals a temporary dose of superpowers. That serum is coded as green and quickly revealed to be fatal. Now, fans of The Boys can get in on the action by taking Compound V in the form of a new energy drink created by GFuel, a company that creates energy drinks primarily for ESports and gaming.

Sony posted the news via Twitter, along with an image of the new GFuel flavor as both an energy drink and powder. The images feature Homelander and Starlight prominently as the poster children for the real-life Compound V. See the post below:

Now it’s your turn to try “Compound V.”@GFuelEnergy‘s latest is available now. Courtesy of our friends over at @VoughtIntl. @SPTV | @TheBoysTV

— Sony (@Sony) August 29, 2022

The marketing of the drink is extremely clever, with plenty of elements in the photos attributing the drink to Vought International. Those details are fitting, since the Supe-owning corporation Vought are the ones in the series that dosed children with Compound V in order to create heroes in the first place. If Vought hadn’t had bigger fish to fry, the company would almost certainly have chosen to somehow profit off of their PR disaster following the reveal of Compound V. While they would never offer Compound V on a wide scale since it would render their assets useless, the corporation would definitely find a way to make money off the Supe-creating drug. In fact, The Boys season 3 saw Vought hero A-Train shooting a commercial for his own energy drink, called Turbo Rush, which shows how fitting the partnership between GFuel and The Boys truly is.

Known for its collaborations with pop culture staples such as Naruto and Sonic, it’s no surprise that GFuel wanted to get in on the hype for The Boys following a very well-received season 3. The collab between the two properties is satisfying to any fan of the series and will allow viewers to have a taste of either Temp V or Compound V. At the very least, the energy drinks will definitely give fans a boost (though hopefully not as big as A-Train’s in the series pilot). As The Boys gears up for a promising season 4, the thrilling announcement that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will feature in the new season has fans even more hyped for the next chapter of the diabolical series.

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