The Boys Season 4’s Seven Problem May Have 1 Obvious Solution

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for The Boys season 4!!

The Boys season 4 has a big issue with the Seven that was caused by the events of season 3 – but there’s already an obvious solution. Throughout the series, a consistent plot point has been the constantly shifting roster of the Seven, with the team’s various supes constantly joining the team, leaving the team, or dying. The Boys season 3 left The Seven in a bad spot, with both Black Noir and Supersonic dying, and the series is running out of big-name supes to take their place. However, there is another obvious show The Boys can recruit from.

The Boys is a gritty satirical take on politics and media based on the popular superhero comic of the same name. The series follows the titular group of powerless humans as they attempt to take down The Seven, a superhero team that acts as a dark parody of the Justice League. Supes are constantly joining the Seven, as the violent and mature world of The Boys makes sure that many of the team’s members aren’t around for long. Thus, the membership count of the Seven is, ironically, rarely seven. While the goal of The Boys’ protagonists is to wipe out the various supes created by Vought International, each season promotes new heroes to The Seven, giving the various episodes a unique feel and story.

Most of the main supes in The Boys are either on the team, have been on the team, or they’re dead. The Seven is only sitting at five members at the conclusion of The Boys season 3, highlighting the show’s big problem: it’s running out of supes. Yes, there are technically a ton of superpowered people running around the show, but hardly any of them are powerful enough or beloved by audiences enough to join the team. With The Boys’ complex story and various human characters, it’s hard to spend time developing new supes that will inevitably be killed off at the end of the season. Luckily, there is another place that The Boys can get new Seven members from: Gen V.

How Gen V Can Perfectly Connect To The Boys Season 4

A The Boys spin-off titled Gen V is coming soon, and it can perfectly fix the show’s issue in The Boys season 4. Gen V will follow a young group of supes attending the Vought-run Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, with the students competing in different events and challenges in order to be recruited onto The Boys’ various superhero teams. The Boys season 3 already showed Homelander and Starlight’s attempts to recruit young supes with the “American Hero” reality show, although its winner, Supersonic, didn’t last very long on the Seven. American Hero’s failure makes Vought unlikely to try it again, meaning that The Boys season 4 could have Vought pulling heroes from their school of crimefighting. Gen V fixes The Boys’ supe problem, as the spin-off series will devote its entire run to developing its collegiate supes. It is already known that Gen V and The Boys will tie into each other, and Gen V setting up supes that can be put into the Seven without The Boys devoting major time to them is the perfect way to do it.

While The Boys may be running out of big-name supes, Gen V will have an all-new batch of characters that would fit in perfectly with The Boys season 4. Goldkin University’s champion being included in The Boys would also give viewers a reason to watch the spin-off, since the two shows would be heavily tied together. The Boys season 4 has a big problem, and Gen V is the way to fix it.

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