The Boys Season 4’s New The Seven Team Teased By Vought Ahead Of SDCC Panel: “The Seven Has NEVER Been Stronger”

Ahead of their scheduled panel at 2023’s San Diego Comic-Con, The Boys season 4 has teased a new line-up for their Vought superhero team known as The Seven. Throughout the events of The Boys season 3, Vought’s premiere superhero team led by Antony Starr’s Homelander saw its ranks significantly diminished. In addition to Starlight’s defection from Vought’s ranks, season 3 also saw Dominique McElligott’s Maeve fake her own death and Homelander kill Black Noir in a fit of rage.
With a few months now gone since production wrapped, the official Twitter account of the fictional corporation Vought International is hinting at revamped team line-up for The Boys season 4.

This 7/7, we salute the greatest Super team ever assembled. Even with heroic sacrifices and unfortunate betrayals, The Seven has NEVER been stronger. Sole captain Homelander continues his search for new heroes to replenish the team’s ranks as we speak!

— Vought International (@VoughtIntl) July 7, 2023

Featuring an image of the three remaining members of The Seven, Homelander, A-Train, and The Deep, the edited season 2 image also includes a returning Black Noir, whose death is set to be covered up by having a new Supe take his place. The post also promises that Homelander is busy searching for more Supes to join his team’s ranks.
Who Will Join The Seven In The Boys Season 4?

With The Seven now looking for three new members to bring the team back to its full strength, audiences are keen to know who will be joining the show’s roster of corrupt superheroes. Two of those three vacant slots are most likely going to be taken by a pair of new characters that were first announced in October last year. Orange is the New Black’s Susan Heyward and The Lost Symbol’s Valorie Curry have previously been announced as two new Supes, known respectively as Sister Sage and Firecracker.
At the moment, little is known about Heyward and Curry’s characters, both of which are original characters with no direct correlation in the original comics. The bigger mystery will be who is destined to fill the seventh and remaining slot on the team. While it seems unlikely that Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy would be in the running to round out the team, another option may be the mysterious unnamed character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. With many fan theories postulating his potential casting as the Supe Tek Knight, he could be a good contender.
Another option may stem from the upcoming spinoff series Gen V, which will introduce a younger generation of Supes training at Godolkin University School of Crimefighting. With the spinoff set to arrive before The Boys season 4, it is possible that this new series may even introduce an up-and-coming Supe graduate who moves across to the flagship show. Either way, audiences may learn more when The Boys make their appearance later this month at the SDCC.
Source: @VoughtIntl/Twitter

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