The Boys Season 4 Will Change How You Feel About Certain Villains, Star Teases

Starlight actor Erin Moriarty teased that The Boys season 4 will explore various character developments. Based on the comic book created by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, Prime Video’s television adaptation recently wrapped filming on season 4 in April 2023. Picking up after the season 3 finale, season 4 will see Vought’s flagship superhero team introduce several new faces following Maeve’s staged death and Starlight’s defection from The Seven. Meanwhile, Black Noir actor Nathan Mitchell is also set to play a new version of his character after Homelander brutally killed the original masked Supe for withholding information about his father.

Speaking with Collider, Moriarty revealed that The Boys season 4 would continue to provide background information about the show’s unique roster of characters. By giving a deeper understanding as to how certain characters’ personalities came to be, the Starlight actor suggests viewers will reconsider the reasoning behind certain villainous actions. Check out her comments below:

“Every season, we go a little bit deeper with each character. The characters… that you thought would be villains, you start to learn a little bit more about them that perhaps makes you feel, not that they’re good guys, but that there are always gonna be details that you can never anticipate, that prevent you from putting that character in a box.”

How The Boys’ Moral Ambiguity Has Helped Redefine The Superhero Genre

Over the past 15 years, the superhero genre has arisen as one of the most influential and profitable forms of popular entertainment in the modern age. Among this evolving cultural phenomenon, The Boys and its special brand of satire boast a unique place of honor in a marketplace already saturated with attempts to capitalize on the superhero craze.
Inspired by some of the world’s best-known superheroes and rampant consumerism, The Boys offers a glimpse at a superpowered world far removed from the kind of clear-cut morality tales on which the genre was first built. Not content to merely upend the view of superheroes as virtuous beings who fight for justice, the show has also provided many of its supes with sympathetic, and often tragic, backstories that give context to their less-than-heroic actions. As Moriarty suggests, the show’s most despicable characters are often presented in a light that prevents viewers from simply putting them “in a box.”
The characters featured in The Boys, superpowered or not, have continued to shock and surprise audiences for three seasons, and based on Moriarty’s comments, season 4 looks set to continue the trend. While other shows and movies have often tried to replicate The Boys’ unique blend of humor and social commentary, few have achieved the broad impact and appeal of Prime Video’s hit series. With filming on The Boys season 4 already completed, it will not be much longer until new episodes drop and uncover new revelations about the characters.

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