The Boys Explained: When Does Soldier Boy Meet Butcher and the Others


With four episodes already in the books, the story of Prime Video’s The Boys is taking off. The premise for Season 3 sees Butcher (Karl Urban) and the others investigating what happened to Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles), Vaught’s original superhero who mysteriously disappeared in the eighties. Now, Soldier Boy is back but doesn’t look very pleased about his return.

What Happens When the Boys Find Soldier Boy?

The “Glorious Five Year Plan” episode featured the first encounter between Soldier Boy and the Boys in a secret laboratory full of Russian soldiers. The Boys has already featured a few Soldier Boy appearances in Season 3, but none happened in the other protagonists’ timeline. In Episode 4, Soldier Boy was resting in a refrigerating chamber with a mask on his face. When Butcher awakened him from his pod, Soldier Boy started shooting energy blasts from his chest. The explosion was inches away from hitting Frenchie (Tomer Kapon), who was saved by Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) at the very last second. None of the team members managed to stop the World War II hero, who escaped the facility where he was kept afterward. Soldier Boy’s powers are apparently hazardous for other Supes, as Kimiko couldn’t heal from the blast.

Previously, Soldier Boy made his first appearance in a fake video from the sophomore episode of The Boys Season 3, when Frenchie and Kimiko visited VoughtLand. On that occasion, they discovered that he comes from a very low-income family. Additionally, Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) told several stories about Soldier Boy, who played a pivotal role in Operation Charlie during one of the CIA’s operations in Nicaragua. In Mallory’s recollections, the superpowered man didn’t look like someone who cared too much about the others.

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