She-Hulk Episode 2-4 Runtimes Revealed In Advance

Tatiana Maslany’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is finally here. The world has now met Jennifer Walters, the second Hulk in the family. Sure, the first look that audiences got of her didn’t inspire confidence, but the VFX has since improved, and it looks like it could be quite the unique Marvel Studios venture.

One big difference that the show will have compared to the more recent Disney+ series’ is how it won’t be billed as an hour-long (or, more realistically, 45-minute) drama. Instead, audiences should strap themselves in for smaller installments, as the project is a half-hour comedy.

Though, don’t let that lower expectations. Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner will be returning, Tim Roth’s Abomination gets the spotlight once again, and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will get to crossover with another super-powered lawyer—in a new costume, no less.

While the first episode’s runtime has been known, following the social media embargo lifting, the runtime of the next three episodes of the series has been revealed. Unsurprisingly, they’re on the shorter side.

New Episode Runtimes Revealed

As revealed by Twitter user @Legadodamarvel, and translated by Reddit user u/jnk9s, the runtimes for the second, third, and fourth episodes of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law have been revealed.

It’s worth noting that these runtimes do not include credits, so they will actually be longer by the time they land worldwide on Disney+. The episode lengths are as follows:

Episode 2: 22:53

Episode 3: 27:03

Episode 4: 28:34

Each of these three episodes was also revealed to include a mid-credits tag. It’s likely, given its half-hour comedy designation, that these are all little gags, which is a common practice in the genre.

She-Hulk’s Shorter Adventures

In the grand scheme of the MCU Disney+ projects, Tatiana Maslany’s debut show will be comparable to WandaVision, as each is billed as half-hour series. The runtimes for the first four episodes of Elizabeth Olsen’s adventure were 30, 38, 34, and 36 minutes respectively—but those runtimes aren’t included the credits, which the above She-Hulk ones do not

Maslany’s show is bound to be a tad bit shorter, as it was more closely billed as a half-hour comedy—legal comedy, to be exact. Obviously, as seen across various MCU series, the runtime can vary greatly no matter the genre being covered.

While many have understandably been annoyed at the generally shorter runtime of the Disney+ series, across both Marvel and Star Wars projects, roughly 30-minute installments are expected here. Though, hopefully, that doesn’t stop the show from having one or two from being longer—especially when the story starts ramping up towards its conclusion.

Maybe Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will be afforded some extra screen time with Jenn?

She-Hulk Episode 2 debuts Thursday, August 25, only on Disney+.

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