Sex Education Creator Won’t Rule Out Spinoffs, Teases Further Interest In Moordale World

Laurie Nunn, creator of the hit Netflix series Sex Education, has teased the possibility of returning to the world of Moordale after season 4. First released in 2019, the British teen comedy features an ensemble cast led by Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, and Emma Mackey. Following the exploits of students at Moordale Secondary School as they come to terms with their emerging sexuality, the series has earned rave reviews over its previous three seasons. Netflix has previously revealed that season 4 will serve to wrap up the show following the departure of several key cast members.
While speaking with Netflix Tudum about Sex Education season 4, Nunn was asked whether the final season will be the last time audiences encounter Moordale and the characters that inhabit it. Revealing that while she intends to take a break following season 4’s release, Nunn did not rule out the potential of returning to the show’s fictional world via a spinoff series. Check out her comments below:
“I’m definitely taking a break and thinking about other things. But Moordale is a really rich world, and writing about teenagers is always a lot of fun. So, I think that there’s always potential for more to be explored in that world.”

Will Sex Education Season 4 Set Up A New Spinoff?

While Sex Education season 4 was not originally intended to be the final outing, the show’s creative team was faced with the possibility of season 5 moving forward without some of their most important characters. While work on season 4 already had to contend with the departures of Olivia (Simone Ashley), Lily (Tanya Reynolds), and Ola (Patricia Allison), the biggest blow came in the form of Gatwa and Mackey later following suit and announcing their own respective exits should Sex Education get renewed for season 5.
With Gatwa’s Eric and Mackey’s Maeve two of the show’s most beloved characters, it would have been hard to imagine season 5 moving forward without them. As such, the decision to wrap up Sex Education seems like the most sensible option, but it is possible that Nunn and her team may also take the opportunity to sow the seeds for a future spinoff. With Sex Education season 4 set to introduce a raft of new cast members, including Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy, it is possible Netflix may establish a whole new generation of characters capable of becoming the focus of their own show.
However, if Netflix does look toward creating a Sex Education spinoff, the one character who should remain is Anderson’s sex therapist Jean Milburn. With Butterfield’s Otis and his friends coming the to end of their own adolescent journeys, Anderson’s character would be the best option to potentially connect the old and new generations of characters. With the right cast and clever writing, there is no reason a potential Sex Education spinoff could not emulate the success of the original series.

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