Rick & Morty Season 6 Trailer Teases the Threat of Wormageddon

A new trailer for Rick & Morty season 6 is here, and so is Wormageddon. The hit adult swim animated series has seen massive success since its premiere in 2003, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. After being renewed for 70 episodes following its season 3 run, Rick & Morty has grown into a multimedia franchise with comic books, video games, and TV spinoffs, to name a few, and two Primetime Emmy Awards under its belt. Created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick & Morty follows titular characters Rick, a quirky and often over-the-top scientist, and his curious and anxious grandson, Morty, on their adventures throughout the Multiverse. Both Rick and Morty are voiced by the talented Roiland, with Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke as Morty’s parents Jerry and Beth, and Grammer as Morty’s sister, Summer.

Rick & Morty season 6 is shaping up to be the most unpredictable one yet, now that the Central Finite Curve is destroyed. Thanks to the series’ central villain, Evil Morty, they are no longer able to travel across the Multiverse. While the season 5 finale saw the destruction of Rick & Morty’s version of the Multiverse, this has left fans wondering what they can expect moving forward. The show’s primary storyline heavily relied on Rick and Morty’s ability to travel between space and time, with infinite versions of themselves available if ever need be. Now, with season 6 on the horizon, trailers have hinted at a new villain entering the show.

Adult Swim premiered the trailer for Rick & Morty season 6, and it reveals a new menace to society, Wormageddon. Everything appears to be going smoothly for the pair as the trailer opens on a party inside Rick and Morty’s home. That is until an unwelcome guest arrives. These new terrifying creatures reveal a new threat called Wormageddon, and it looks like fans will be seeing a lot of them in season 6. Check out the havoc Wormageddon wreaks in the Rick & Morty season 6 trailer below:

What exactly is Wormageddon? While it’s unclear the goal of this new creature’s reign of terror, based on the trailer, it seems they are extremely powerful and pose a global threat to society. Now that the Multiverse is gone for good, the safety net Rick and Morty relied on to avoid the consequences of their actions is also absolute. No longer able to simply travel to a different dimension, the pair will now have to face the dangers and challenges that come their way head-on.

With continuity and canon back on the table, this could lead to major changes in the show’s trajectory. The 30-minute format worked well for the series because the Central Infinite Curve allowed a clean and easy solution to a problem. Its destruction raised the stakes drastically for the duo, who now cannot travel to infinite realities to save themselves. This could allow for more emotional depth, continuing season 5’s theme of growing more serious and tackling vulnerability. This isn’t to say the show will lose any of its goofiness or outrageous havoc. However, it could lead to an eventual hour-long format for the series, which would be impressive but completely speculative at this point. Either way, Rick & Morty has a bright future ahead of it, that is, if they can escape Wormageddon.

Source: Adult Swim

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