‘Prey’ Concept Art Reveals Differences Between Feral Predator and Predecessors

Concept art for Prey’s Predator reveals how different its design and size is from the creature’s predecessors. The fifth installment in the popular sci-fi franchise – which began with the original 1987 Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger ​​– received praise from critics and audiences alike since its exclusive streaming release became the most watched premiere on Hulu in the United States.

VFX artist Alec Gillis shared a piece of concept art on Instagram that shares the Predator’s new look alongside a more traditional version of the creature as seen in Alien Vs Predator: Requiem. Along with the side-by-side comparison, Gillis noted in his caption that audiences would notice these changes to the original design created by Stan Winston. He also acknowledged the possibility of controversy with fans when they first saw the creature in Prey. Since Prey has been described by many as the best Predator film since the original, it should not be a surprise that these changes to the creature’s design would not turn audiences away from the latest film.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane), the newest film made several changes to the design of the franchise’s title creature. Instead of sporting the familiar metal helmet from the original, the Predator wears a helmet that appears to be made from the skull of another creature, exposing its trademark mandibles to viewers. The design also eliminates the recognizable shoulder-mounted plasma cannon with a laser-guided dart thrower taking its place. Outside its armor and weapons, Prey’s alien also had changes to its head with the removal of its spiked crown that turned into dread-like tendrils.

Gillis said in his caption accompanying the concept art:

“Here’s a comparison of our Wolf Predator from AvP:R to our Feral Predator from PREY. We did this mainly as a size comparison to show the devolved crown of the head…Here we are 35 years later still making/watching/loving Predator movies. I’m grateful to have worked on the first one, and the most recent one. Here’s to the amazing range of bio-diversity on our planet and the Predator Home World. I’ve been to both. Used to spend summers on PHW. Thanks again to the team at ADI for their incredible job realizing this character,”

nounced yet, Trachtenberg teased the possibility of continuing the franchise after Prey’s record-breaking release with the film’s end credit scene. Until then, viewers can watch this different-looking predator in action on Hulu in the U.S. as well as on Star in international markets.

Check out Prey’s official trailer below:

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