One-Punch Man’s Unluckiest Villain Makes His Hilarious Return

The unluckiest and most popular villain has just returned in One-Punch Man after five years of absence, but Speed-o’-Sound Sonic’s long-awaited return did not go as the wannabe Saitama rival hoped. The ninja tries to get his revenge on the bald hero, only to be defeated once again in a hilarious fashion.

Chapter #181 of One-Punch Man marks the return of Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, a massively popular character who has been absent from the comic for more than five years. While Saitama is still busy enduring the attacks of Tatsumaki, who is taking this chance to unleash her full powers on someone who can take them without being harmed, Sonic suddenly starts chasing them, hoping to get his revenge on Saitama. He throws a bunch of exploding shuriken that Tatsumaki reflects using her telekinesis. Sonic begins dodging with ease, but then he steps on dog poo, slipping and getting hit by his own weapons.

Speed-O’-Sound Sonic Is As Unlucky As Ever

Fans of One-Punch Man know that every time Sonic tries to get involved with Saitama, he ends up humiliated. It all started when the ninja was working as a bodyguard and mistook Saitama for a criminal, challenging him and getting blown away by the bald hero’s superhuman abilities. Born and raised in the Ninja Village (like the S-Class hero Flashy Flash), Sonic is extremely proud of his speed, and being outclassed by Saitama was a slight he could never forgive. Periodically, Sonic comes back for his “revenge”, despite the fact that Saitama doesn’t even remember his name.

Sonic is incredibly popular with fans, despite his sporadic appearances. Like most characters in One-Punch Man, he is a parody of a recurring trope of more “serious” manga: the recurring rival. The difference, and that’s where One-Punch Man’s unparalleled comedy shines, is that this rivalry is entirely one-sided. By definition, Saitama cannot have any rivals because no one gets even close to his power. What makes Sonic so popular, however, is the striking contrast between his seriousness and his terrible luck. The first time he faced Saitama, the momentum from one of his attacks carried his crotch into the hero’s fist. In this chapter, the mighty shinobi from the Ninja Village essentially beats himself by stepping on dog residues.

Sonic’s One-Sided Rivalry With Saitama Perfectly Sums Up One-Punch Man

Side characters such as Sonic make One-Punch Man really stand out. The series constantly jumps between serious action and silliness, and the contrast between these two is where One-Punch Man’s unique comedy comes forth. Very few characters represent this as well as Sonic, as shown by his brief and inglorious return in chapter #181. Hopefully, fans of One-Punch Man will not have to wait for five more years to see their favorite unlucky villain come back.

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