One-Punch Man Season 3 Is Confirmed – Here’s What Anime-Only Fans Can Expect

One Punch Man Season 3 has been confirmed to be in production. It will herald the return of all the amazing action, comedy, and character designs that only Saitama and his associates can seem to deliver. It will also mark the continuation of the overarching story that was left on a cliffhanger in Season 2.

With that in mind, it would be good to go over some basic plot points to remember going into Season 3. There are all sorts of characters and story threads that will likely be expanded upon in the next Season. To keep up with what’s happening, here’s what there is to remember from the first two seasons of the anime.

One-Punch Man: The Story So Far

The premise as it’s presented in Season 1 is simple. Saitama is a hero for fun who trained so hard that his hair fell out, and he can now beat just about anybody with one punch. This overabundance of power has made life boring for him, and now he seeks an opponent strong enough to give him a good fight. His casual heroism earns him the attention of Genos, a cyborg and his self-proclaimed disciple. The two of them decide to become professional heroes for the Hero Association. Genos is immediately promoted to S-Class Rank 17, but Saitama mistakenly ends up placed at the bottom of C-Class, the lowest class in the association.

Thanks to Saitama’s overwhelming power and accomplishments, he’s able to climb through the ranks quickly. By stopping a meteor, defeating the Sea King, and helping out against the Dark Matter Pirates, among other things, Saitama manages to get all the way up to B-Class Rank 7. Unfortunately, most people still don’t acknowledge how powerful he is, though he doesn’t seem to mind.

Outside of Saitama and the heroes of S-Class, the most notable heroes are the ones with the highest rank in each class. C-Class Rank 1, Mumen Rider, is a cyclist with no special powers, but he compensates for this with his drive to do the right thing. B-Class Rank 1, Fubuki, is the younger sister of S-Class Rank 2, Tatsumaki; she tries to make up for the power gap between the two of them with strength in numbers through her own Blizzard Group. A-Class Rank 1, Amai Mask, is a powerful pretty boy who will eliminate all monsters with cold efficiency.

There are two major antagonistic forces opposing the Hero Association right now. The Hero Hunter Garo has been using the martial arts he learned from S-Class Rank 3 Bang to fight heroes in the name of monsters, the general villains of the series. He wants to create a world where the heroes don’t win all the time and monsters can have their chance in the spotlight. To this end, he has been slowly turning into a monster himself.

The other group to look out for is the Monster Association. This organization of powerful Mysterious Beings seeks to destroy the Hero Association and create a world of monsters. They are currently considering allowing Garo to join their ranks.

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