One-Punch Man Hints at Changes in Saitama and Tornado’s Relationship

Some recent developments have caught the fans of One-Punch Man off-guard. The series has just moved on from its epic “Monster Association” arc, so fans can still feel some leftover adrenaline from the action-packed matches. Even though the franchise has already introduced the series’ next big evil organization in the form of Tsukuyomi, it also seems to be laying the foundation for a love triangle between Saitama and the Psychic Sisters Blizzard and Tornado — and Saitama and Tornado’s relationship is having some interesting developments in Chapter 177.

After learning that Tsukuyomi is on the hunt for the former Monster Association executive Pyschos, Tornado and Blizzard come up with a ruse to break the psychic out of confinement. The only reason Saitama is brought into the equation is that Blizzard stumbles upon him on her way to the new headquarters. Tsukuyomi and Tornado eventually clash, resulting in the former’s loss. However, Tornado’s anger is far from quelled. She shifts her attention to the members of Blizzard Bunch for letting a spy infiltrate their ranks. However, just as she is about to give them a taste of her wrath, Saitama steps in.

Terrible Tornado Unleashes Her Terrible Powers on Saitama

Seeing how Tornado’s rampage is destroying the new headquarters, Saitama gets hold of Tornado and brings her outside. Doing so, however, doesn’t help ease Tornado’s anger. In fact, it only makes the psychic angrier. Realizing that the bald hero still hasn’t let go of her wrist, she throws Saitama in a whirlwind and even slams him to the ground, yet the latter’s grip remains tight. Saitama only lets her go after Tornado guarantees that she won’t run away.

However, after he lets her go, Tornado continues to rage on. She flicks Saitama’s huge forehead, sending him flying. She then summons her signature tornado and flicks gigantic rocks toward Bald Cape. With Saitama’s immense strength, he deflects the rocks with ease, but Tornado continues to barrage him with debris and Saitama is also starting to lose his temper. Even so, he continues to humor the psychic without fighting back.

Terrible Tornado Got It All Wrong, But She Seems to Be Enjoying the Fight

Even though Tornado is irked with Saitama holding her, the No. 2 Hero’s main issue is the Bald Cape’s relationship with her sister. She is convinced that Saitama is in love with Blizzard and even asks him if he is also crushing on her given that he won’t let go of her wrist. Of course, such is not the case. Saitama only views Blizzard as an acquaintance, meaning he doesn’t even see her as a friend. The oblivious Tornado, however, won’t stop literally fighting for what she believes in.

Amidst Tornado’s rage and barrage of attacks, she happens to let some of her emotions slip, even though she isn’t necessarily known for being expressive. Since Tornado is one of the most powerful characters in the entire One-Punch Man universe, there are only a few characters who can make her go all out. She is similar to Saitama in this aspect. The more she fights with the bald hero, the more she seems to be enjoying herself. Even the exchange of insults between the two seems nothing more than a silly fight between five-year-olds. That being said, it won’t be surprising if the two come out as the best of friends after the fight. At this point, they fit each other more as best friends than romantic partners, although only future developments of One-Punch Man can ascertain where their relationship is heading.

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