‘Ms. Marvel’: What Happened to Kamran?

Ms. Marvel aired its sixth and final episode last July 13, filled with incredible teamwork, heart-to-heart talks, and stunning revelations about the characters—all of which made up a truly cosmic finale. But besides getting to see Kamala’s (Iman Vellani) marvelous journey as a hero, viewers also get to witness the evolution of Kamran (Rish Shah), who turns out to have a pretty important role in the show by the end.

Kamran is first introduced in “Crushed” where he poses as a regular senior student and tries to befriend Kamala. The two quickly bond, but when Kamala is being hunted down by Damage Control, Kamran suddenly shows up, revealing that he is actually the son of Najma (Nimra Bucha), the leader of the Clandestine. Their goal is to get back home, and the way to do it is by opening the Veil which can only happen by using Kamala’s bangle.

Everything slowly starts being pieced together by “Time and Again”. The fifth episode opens with a concise yet important history lesson on the Partition of India, a real-life tragic event that costed thousands of lives. Then, it cuts to Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) running away, eventually ending up in a town where she meets Hasan (Fawad Khan), a strong-willed man determined to fight against the British rulings. The pair soon fall in love and raise a daughter named Sana, Kamala’s grandmother.

Some time later, Aisha is found by Najma, who threatens her about the bangle. Fearing for her family’s safety, Aisha convinces Hasan that they leave their home by telling him the truth of who she is. They head to the train station, but due to the large crowd, they all get separated, and it is where Najma sees Aisha and stabs her for being a traitor. In a desparate state, Aisha whispers to help Sana find her father. Kamala, still unsure of what’s going on, eventually learns that she is actually the one to guide Sana back to Hasan through a ”trail of stars”.

Kamala is thrown back to the present time, and the Veil appears. The Clandestine rejoice upon seeing it as they think it would get them home. Kamala confronts Najma about leaving her son behind. Feeling guilty, Najma calls out for Kamran before stepping in the Veil to close it, dying in the process. A trail of energy surges out of the Veil and into Kamran, suddenly looking like he has powers. He meets with Bruno, who offers him a place to crash to hide from Damage Control. Not long enough, authorities find him. Kamran uses his newfound powers to stop a powerful drone, but they retaliate by destroying Bruno’s apartment and Circle Q.

In the season finale, Kamala’s group try to protect Kamran from Damage Control. But upon learning about what happened to his mother, he loses control of his powers. Eventually, after defeating Damage Control, he makes it to Pakistan, meeting up with the Red Dagger aka Kareem (Aramis Knight), and hide there for the time being.

In the comics, Kamran is an Inhuman that got his powers from the Terrigen Mists and is able to use it to explode objects and stun people. The MCU version of Kamala’s powers are different, but Kamran’s are a bit more similar to the original material, but his capabilities in the MCU still remains to be seen. If they are following the comics, there’s a possibility that he’ll become a villain who tries to recruit Kamala into his side by stating the injustices happening around them, and considering that the show already established Kamran and Kamala’s connection early on, this may pose as a dilemma for her.

Kamran’s future in the MCU is still unknown, and with no talks of Kamran joining The Marvels or even a second season, the questions regarding his new abilities, whether or not he’ll be holding similar views from the comics, and his life in hiding may not be answered just yet. Viewers just have to wait and see.

All six episodes of Ms. Marvel is now available to stream on Disney+.

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