Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight Reveals The Fist of Khonshu Glows

Throughout his time as the Fist of Khonshu, Moon Knight has had many different looks, some more garish than others. However, his newest fashion statement seems to have a literal gleam coming from his suit. As of the current Jed Mackay run, Moon Knight’s costume usually alternates between his Mr. Knight three-piece suit and his classic white caped look but with an unnatural glow.

The new aspect of Moon Knight’s outfit has been a welcome addition by colorist Rachelle Rosenberg, and it has usually been chalked up as an interesting new way to make Moon Knight more mysterious. However, in his latest team-up, it is implied that the glow might have a deeper implication than just looknig really cool.

In their first mission together, Moon Knight and Kamala Khan work together to track down the robots that attacked her and the X-Men in Ms. Marvel & Wolverine #1. Later in the issue, they are joined by the new avatar of Khonshu, Hunter’s Moon. As the robots ambush the trio, Hunter’s Moon starts to call upon the lunar god to help them. It’s then when Kamala noticed that Moon Knight has begun to glow. This implies that the Khonshu’s presence causes his costume to admit a magical glow. This puts every time that Moon Knight ​​has glowed into a brand-new context, and the question becomes in what way is Khonshu connected to Marc Spector now.

The first possible theory is that Moon Knight is still in servitude to Khonshu, and the suit glowing is his presence within Marc coming out. It is confirmed that Marc and Khonshu are explictly linked again in Moon Knight #11 (2022). In that issue, Moon Knight begs Khonshu to make him a pathway to the Midnight Mission when his neighborhood and assistant Reese is in trouble. Khonshu agrees on the condition that there would be a price to pay later. Marc accepts of course, so the glow could be connected to that deal. However, there is a problem with this theory; Moon Knight has been glowing since the first issue.

The second option is that Khonshu has been using his omniscience to spy on Marc while he’s been at the Midnight Mission. Khonshu has stated multiple times that him and Spector will always be connected. The definition of the word “avatar” is an incarnate piece of a deity as Khonshu. This means that when Khonshu resurrected Marc Spector at that dig site, they became forever linked. While Moon Knight did expel Khonshu from his mind, Khonshu could still be watching Moon Knight as he continues mission of justice.

The glowing of the suit may be an indicator that Khonshu is close by, and the small piece of Khonshu that still resides in Marc Spector’s mind is reacting to that presence. Of course, this is all speculation: who knows what Moon Knight’s future will hold. For now, comic fans will have to wait and see if the hue is foreshadowing. All they know is that Moon Knight’s glow adds to the already slick look for the character.

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