Marvel Confirms 5 Most Important Superheroes for MCU Phase 5

MCU Top Phase 5 Heroes Confirmed

According to a new post from the official Disney Website in Latin America, several MCU heroes will have more prominence and importance placed on them than some of their heroic colleagues.

1.) Kate Bishop

Clint Barton’s young protégé, Kate Bishop, first seen in the Disney+ series Hawkeye possesses archery skills on-par with even Barton himself. She was last seen joining Clint and his family for some much-deserved Holiday festivities.

2.) Maya Lopez

Also introduced in Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye is Maya Lopez aka Echo. The deaf leader of the Tracksuit Mafia has a checkered past that will surely be explored further in her forthcoming 2023 solo series on Disney+

3.) Ms. Marvel

Jersey City teenager Kamala Khan has a love for all things superheroic and idolizes Captain Marvel. Kamala is in possession of a mysterious bangle of possibly alien origins and just so happens to be the MCU’s first confirmed Mutant. She’ll next be seen in The Marvels.

4.) Daredevil

The Man Without Fear himself, Matt Murdock, otherwise known as the blind vigilante Daredevil, has most certainly been making his presence known in the MCU. After a quick cameo in the latest Spider-Man film, Matt will jump into a couple of Disney+ shows before landing in his own 18-episode Disney+ series titled Daredevil: Born Again.

5.) Ironheart

Riri Williams is the only one on this list that fans have yet to be introduced to. The genius twentysomething, played by Dominique Thorne, will make her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, where she will construct her very own Iron Man-style suit. 2023 will also see the premiere of the character’s solo series Ironheart.

Bonus: Captain America (Sam Wilson)

None other than the MCU’s new Captain America, Sam Wilson, seems to be listed as a sort of bonus entry. Sam officially took up the star-spangled mantle in 2021’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to stop a nefarious group called the Flag Smashers. Cap’s story will carry forward into Captain America: New World Order, due out in 2024.

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