Marvel Already Answered She-Hulk’s Hawkeye Mystery

Clint Barton is the latest Avenger to be referenced in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, but Marvel already answered the show’s big Hawkeye mystery about his arrows. Hulk received much attention in She-Hulk’s first episode, while references to Iron Man and Captain America were also prominent. She-Hulk episode 2 continues the trend of highlighting some original Avengers and how normal people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe debate the same questions that many viewers do. After revealing the truth about Steve Rogers’ virginity, Marvel now turned its attention to Hawkeye’s arrows.

Throughout more than a decade of Hawkeye adventures in the MCU, there have been lingering questions about the world’s greatest archer. Viewers had long wondered what happened when Hawkeye ran out of arrows or how he created his trick arrows. But She-Hulk episode 2 sees Jennifer Walters’ family ask a different question. During a family dinner, Jen’s dad asks her what happens to Hawkeye’s arrows after he fires them. He wonders if Clint leaves the weapons in the street or circles back around and collects his arrows after the battle. It is a valid question for Marvel’s sharpshooter – but the MCU has already provided an answer.

The MCU confirmed that Hawkeye occasionally gets his arrows back, but it is not something Clint frequently does. In all of Hawkeye’s fights throughout the MCU, he rarely takes the time to collect the arrows he’s fired. Hawkeye has been shown reusing arrows if they are close to where he is, and he runs out, such as during the Battle of New York. Clint also went out of his way to get his suction cup arrow back in Hawkeye episode 3, while he returned one of Kate Bishop’s arrows to her in episode 5. Otherwise, the MCU has very clearly answered that Hawkeye does not get his arrows back.

Why Hawkeye Rarely Gets His Arrows Back

Hawkeye not getting his arrows back could be viewed as dangerous to people like Jennifer’s dad, but it makes a lot of sense. It is incredibly unrealistic for him to gather his arrows after every battle. Hawkeye’s arrows travel great distances and impale people, so it would take a lot of time and effort for him to get them all back. After all, it is not like he is leaving Iron Man’s weapons or something more dangerous around. Without a bow and Hawkeye’s precision, the arrows are not very valuable.

There is also the fact that Hawkeye frequently uses trick arrows. While these would seem more valuable, most of them appear suitable for one use only. Since Clint demonstrated a mastery of creating new arrows in Hawkeye, it is easier for him to transform regular arrows to meet his specifications instead of getting them all back. Ultimately, Hawkeye not getting his arrows back in the MCU is not a big problem, even if it does create a fun debate for She-Hulk: Attorney At Law to have.

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