Marvel Actress Teases Potential Role In MCU Thunderbolts Movie

Marvel Studios continues to bring the thunder as the MCU moves closer to its Phase 5 slate, which is currently set to end with the Thunderbolts team-up movie in July 2024. Taking a big group of Marvel’s darker antiheroes and villains to throw them together into a major crossover event will be a new step forward for the MCU, with potential team members scattered all over.

With nearly two years until Thunderbolts releases in theaters, the story is still early in development under Black Widow writer Eric Pearson and director Jake Schreier. And with this new outing set to be the first crossover event that focuses on Marvel’s bad guys, fan discussion is already running rampant on who could make up the roster and bring a unique dynamic to the MCU’s take on the team.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s Wyatt Russell shared his own hopes to be in the movie, seeing a place for the US Agent to return and show a new round of character development. And now, coming straight from the world premiere event for the MCU’s latest release, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, that show’s villain actress teased something even bigger that could bring pure insanity into the mix.

Jameela Jamil Teases Deadpool and Thunderbolts

Speaking with ComicBook, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law star Jameela Jamil touched on a potential team-up for the MCU’s upcoming Thunderbolts movie, which releases on July 26, 2024.

When asked which character she thinks Titania would like to annoy, Jamil specifically expressed her love for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool, saying that she wants “to drive Deadpool crazy” at some point during her Marvel tenure. 

Looking to other corners of the MCU, the actress sees a place for her in Thunderbolts, particularly with the way that her Titania has “pissed off most of the MCU:”

“I want to drive Deadpool crazy… I love Ryan Reynolds, I love Deadpool so much. There’s so much for the MCU. The Thunderbolts, there’s so many places that Titania can exist in the MCU, because she’s so messy and vile. She’s pissed off most of the MCU. Spider-Man, Thor…she’s got enemies everywhere. Kind of like me in real life.”

Jamil then replied to the report on Twitter, making it abundantly clear that this is something she wants to happen instead of something that will happen. She wanted to make sure she avoided getting “into trouble with [Marvel Studios president Kevin] Feige:”

“Woah woah woah I said I would LIKE to. Come on now man. Don’t get me into trouble with the Feige!

Will Thunderbolts Bring Titania and Deadpool Together?

Titania found herself in close proximity to the Thunderbolts on one big occasion in the comics from “Thunderbolts Vol. 1 144,” in which Steve Rogers gets Luke Cage to assemble a new version of the Thunderbolts before other deadlier teams can form. Titania doesn’t play a huge role in this story, but that isn’t stopping Jameela Jamil from imagining an MCU version where she’s a more prominent figure with the team.

As for her mention of Deadpool, he’s quickly becoming one of the MCU’s hot topics thanks to his transition from 20th Century Fox’s movies, and it appears that his opportunities for inclusion in the MCU are endless. 

Wade Wilson has a slightly bigger history with the Thunderbolts, with two comic runs together in “Deadpool #9-10” and “Thunderbolts #129-131,” and he’s also had a couple of stories alongside Titania in other parts of the comic world. And with Reynolds rumored to become arguably one of the MCU’s biggest players over the coming years, there’s no question that he and Jamil could find their way into a project together at some point.

Of course, Deadpool 3 could still be some time away from its debut, although theories have pointed to this film coming in the MCU’s open February 2024 slot ahead of Thunderbolts. Should that prove to be true, the stage would be set for this meeting to potentially take place in Thunderbolts, and who knows how wacky and wild things could get between the two after that?

Thunderbolts will release in theaters on July 26, 2024. Jameela Jamil will kick off her run in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law on Thursday, August 18, while Ryan Reynolds is in the early stages of training for his upcoming role in Marvel Studios’ Deadpool 3.

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