James Gunn Gives Update On New Superman Costume For DC Universe Movie Superman: Legacy

As Superman: Legacy is less than a year away from starting production, James Gunn teases new details about the Superman costume. A new era is coming from Warner Bros. Discovery when it comes to adapting DC characters from the pages of comics into the world of live-action. One of the projects in the works is Superman: Legacy, which is part of DC Studios’ Chapter 1, “Gods and Monsters,” with Gunn set to write and direct the reboot.

With the Man of Steel getting reimagined for the big screen, there are several key aspects of this new Superman that will need to be figured out for the DC Universe. One of those is the iconic costume. Now, Gunn has shared an update on the new suit for Superman: Legacy, specifically one part of it. While they are designing different options for the costume, they have not decided whether Superman will have the infamous trunks.

Undecided. We are doing incredible amounts of concept art now with both and we’ll use whatever version looks best. For me, the most important aspects of the character go beyond trunks! #SupermanDay

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) June 12, 2023

The Superman trunks have always been a hot topic as many are divided on whether that element of his suit works today. In 2013’s Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s Superman was the first live-action incarnation that skipped the trunks altogether.
How The New Superman Costume Might Differ From Henry Cavill’s
Given how many times the Superman costume has been reimagined, both in the comics and other media, there are a lot of directions Gunn’s reboot could go in terms of creating the next cinematic design. With Cavill’s Superman suit, the DCEU incarnation took a different route as it was a skinsuit and depicted as a formal Kryptonian garment. In most iterations, his uniform is either spandex or whatever fabric Martha Kent would use to make it.
For Superman: Legacy, it wouldn’t be shocking if they took some inspiration from Cavill’s version, but maybe also from Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman. The traditional tights wouldn’t work as well today as they did decades ago, especially given how far costume designing has come. A design in the middle between the DCEU look and Superman & Lois’ design would be the best of both worlds, where it doesn’t look completely like armor but has more structure than a regular spandex suit.
Once an actor has been cast as the new Superman, Gunn will then need to finalize the costume design. Given that they are getting deeper into the casting process, the world may soon have its new Superman. Hopefully, before Superman: Legacy starts filming, they will reveal a proper look of the new finished suit as they tackle the next live-action version of the DC icon.
Source: James Gunn/Instagram

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