Is That MCU Hero Really Dead? Marvel’s Own Spoiler Reveals The Answer

Secret Invasion episode 3 appears to kill off G’iah early in the episode – but Marvel’s own spoilers suggest that might not be the case. After Maria Hill’s death in Secret Invasion episode 1, it seemed unlikely that any other major character deaths would be happening in the show’s build-up. However, this proved untrue a mere two episodes after Hill’s demise, as Talos’ daughter G’iah was shot and killed by Gravik in episode 3, after the MCU villain got evidence that she worked with Talos against his plans.

G’iah’s death looked seemingly fatal, especially as audiences saw in Secret Invasion episode 1 that a bullet wound could still prove fatal to Skrull even with their enhanced physical abilities, with Nick Fury being able to quickly dispose of an enemy Talos was fighting this way. That said, many have questioned whether G’iah is truly dead, given the somewhat anticlimactic nature of her demise. That skepticism is strongly supported by Marvel itself, as the MCU has already provided evidence that suggests G’iah isn’t as dead as Secret Invasion episode 3 would like viewers to think.

Why Marvel Want You To Think G’iah Is Dead

G’iah appearing to be dead serves three purposes – two plot-based, and one more broadly show-based. Killing off G’iah means Nick Fury and Talos are still in much the same situation they were after Maria Hill died, serving as a duo against countless forces. This also encourages audiences to speculate about the mysteries the show has set up surrounding the Skrull base, as G’iah is the one who snoops around it in episode 2 – and it would be clear that she’d continue to, if viewers didn’t believe her to be dead.

Clever Nick Fury Theory Sets Up Marvel’s Next Heartbreaking Twist

On a broader level, Secret Invasion is at its heart a spy drama in the MCU, and as such it makes sense to have it continually surprise audiences with twists and character deaths. Seemingly killing G’iah allows it to accomplish both aspects, as her death early in the episode comes as a genuine surprise, and her potential return would no doubt also shock many, as plenty of people may believe G’iah served her purpose in the plot and thus was killed off afterward as a result.
Secret Invasion Trailer Footage Already Hinted G’iah Returns

While Secret Invasion episode 3 appears to close with G’iah’s death, the trailer footage for the show paints a different picture. In it, Emilia Clarke is shown in scenes that haven’t appeared thus far in the show, which suggests her character’s seeming demise isn’t quite so permanent. Admittedly, they could end up being flashbacks, or instead follow G’iah’s human counterpart – or even another Skrull who has replicated G’iah’s human form. However, the content of the scenes suggests otherwise, as the character seemingly investigating a Skrull base most logically connects to G’iah’s previous attempt in episode 2 to get to the bottom of what the Skrull experiments are about.
G’iah being revealed to actually be alive would work alongside her somewhat anticlimactic death, by later revealing that she knew Gravik was set to turn on her, and intended to fake her own death so that she could continue to work behind the scenes. G’iah having this plan in mind would also provide a different explanation as to why she outwardly appears to not realize Gravik was seeing if she’d take the bait and reveal herself as a double-agent. With Maria Hill’s death in Secret Invasion episode 1, killing off two characters with immense potential in the span of an hour and a half would also seem a little much – whereas a classic spy double-twist would seem fitting.

How G’iah Could Return In Secret Invasion

G’iah faking her death – either via external means, theoretically by her own shapeshifting powers, or solely by simply surviving the gunshot – would allow her return to be after she’s done some more sleuthing. As G’iah is not being actively pursued by Gravik’s Skrulls after he seemingly killed her, Emilia Clark’s MCU character would be able to access places Fury and Talos would struggle to, so logically her reappearance best serves the show when it gives viewers a unique viewpoint into the events taking place. The trailer footage shows G’iah among a sea of mysterious devices that could well be the machines that transform her people into Super Skrulls, so this could well be when audiences next see her.
With the show going to such great lengths to continually up the scale of the threat Nick Fury is facing off against, and Secret Invasion episode 3 having Gravik finally name drop the MCU Super Skrulls, it’s likely this reveal would be sooner rather than later. However, if that’s the case, hopefully enough time will be placed between G’iah’s death and reappearance that it doesn’t feel like she immediately reappeared after being shot to death – though given all the twists that take place in episode 3 alone, G’iah appearing as soon as episode 4 might not feel rushed given how much could transpire between the two installments.
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