How Much Six’s Bounty Is Worth In The Gray Man

The CIA orders a hit on The Gray Man’s Sierra Six with a bounty that’s too high for mercenaries to pass up. The Gray Man sees the CIA as somewhat of a villain, which begins when Sierra Six (Ryan Gosling) is given a drive containing dark secrets about CIA director Denny Carmichael (Regé-Jean Page). Carmichael recruits “sociopathic” rogue mercenary Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans) to arrange the hit on Six, which includes an international manhunt worth far more than the millions of dollars on the bounty.

Once the hit on Sierra Six, whose real name is Court Gentry, is ordered by the CIA, The Gray Man shows groups of mercenaries from around the world gearing up to capture the title character. The Russo brothers’ film reveals that Six is the last of the Sierra agents, a group of ruthless assassins whose prison sentences were commuted in exchange for lifelong commitments to the CIA. As one of the most skilled CIA mercenaries with a well-known resumé, the call to bring down Sierra Six offers a hefty bounty, but it’s unclear whether the reward would have ever actually been paid.

When Sierra Six is captured by Laszlo Sosa, a man he believed to be helping him get a new passport and flee the United States, The Gray Man character reveals exactly how much Lloyd Hansen is offering for his capture. Laszlo states that Six is worth “a five and seven zeros,” revealing that the original bounty for killing or bringing in Ryan Gosling’s character was $50,000,000. However, Lloyd eventually increases this bounty once The Gray Man’s Sierra Six continues to evade his capture, adding $10 million to the bounty for the first person to put a bullet in Ryan Gosling’s character. Before The Gray Man’s ending, Six’s bounty was worth $60,000,000 – a fitting price for his codename. Of course, money wasn’t the only incentive to bring down Six, as his bounty also offered the prestige of being the person to kill the CIA’s most accomplished nameless assassin.

Was Lloyd Ever Going To Pay The Bounty For Six?

Netflix’s The Gray Man ending proved that none of the mercenaries, nor Lloyd Hansen himself, were a true match for Six, as the movie concluded with the character on the run with young Claire Fitzroy (Julia Butters). However, even when the drive was restored to the CIA’s hands or Six was briefly captured, Lloyd never paid out the bounty. When Laszlo asked for his money for capturing Six, Lloyd greeted him with three bullets in the chest. Similarly, when Lone Wolf brought back the drive, Lloyd told Suzanne to pay him, but then took back his word only moments later by saying “do not pay this a**hole.”

While Lloyd was able to break as many rules as he wanted with Denny Carmichael backing him, it seems there was absolutely no intention of paying whoever brought in Six. At the end of the day, Chris Evans’ character Lloyd was apt to keep the glory of killing Six to himself. However, The Gray Man ended with Suzanne killing Lloyd and taking Six in herself, with the CIA locking him up only for the talented assassin to miraculously escape. If Netflix greenlights The Gray Man 2 as has been suggested, it’s possible Suzanne and Denny will put another hit on Six in the sequel, though Ana de Armas’ Agent Miranda is apt to help him from the inside.

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