Google Messages will soon suppress background noise in your voice notes

There are several instant messaging services to choose from these days. Despite its exhaustive list of products and services, Google still seems intent on keeping Messages competitive with other messaging options on the market. Voice messaging is one of the perks of Messages, but background noise can reduce the value of this feature. Now, Google is rolling out changes to ensure that these inconveniences don’t deter users.

As spotted by AssembleDebug on their TheSpAndroid blog, the beta version of Google Messages now seems to feature a “Noise Cancellation” button. When you tap on it, you can reduce background noise in your surroundings that may interfere with the recording of a voice note. The option can be toggled on at any time, including while you’re in the middle of a recording. The feature seems to only be in the beta version of Messages for now and require activating flags, but might get a wider rollout soon. It’s part of the redesigned voice recorder we spotted earlier in any event.


Google Message is preparing to add noise cancellation feature for voice recording

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— AssembleDebug (@AssembleDebug) November 17, 2023

This isn’t the only change to Google’s instant messenger that has been noted — TheSpAndroid also picked up on markdown text formatting in beta. In short, markdowns allow you to format text by using symbols, such as asterisks. For now, it seems that only a handful of markdowns are working within the messenger. However, it’s supposedly not just another experiment — Google is expected to roll it out formally to all users in the near future.
The company has seemingly paid special attention to Messages as of late, developing several new features, some of which may not become official. For example, color and wallpaper options appeared in Messages in November 2023, which gave the app a more customized feel. Google also began trying out profile options for Messages, which would give users the ability to create a shareable profile with personal details. Through a discoverability option, people could also make themselves easier to find on the platform. These features were spotted in flags, however, and the company has not confirmed if they will eventually launch in the stable version of Messages.
If wallpaper and custom colors were to be integrated, Messages would undoubtedly receive a UI upgrade. These features might seem minor, but they can go a long way toward helping Google ensure that its instant messenger is keeping pace with competitors. Signal, for instance, has already had the option to add custom wallpaper to chats. Alternatives like Meta’s WhatsApp also give users a slew of stickers and other media that can be embedded for a more entertaining experience. Google isn’t lagging behind just yet in terms of its Messages features, but there’s no reason for it to wait until users begin fleeing to other options.

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