Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Post-Credits Fight Scene Explained

Here’s what happens in the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero post-credits scene. With a visually striking animation style and a focus on Gohan and Piccolo, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes a fresh approach to the Dragon Ball movie format. It brings back a couple of major threats from the past, and it proves that the Z-Warriors will continue to evolve. Most excitingly, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero gives Goku and Vegeta’s lifelong rivalry a memorable moment that was bound to happen ever since Dragon Ball Z’s Saiyan Saga.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero delivers various satisfying payoffs that had been years in the making, including the return of the Red Ribbon Army, the creation of another Cell, Pan’s training and first flight, and Goten and Trunks’ highly anticipated growth spurt into their teenage years. Vegeta’s greatest wish also came true, although not exactly in the way he always wanted.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s post-credits scene sees Goku and Vegeta end a sparring match with one last attack. Exhausted, they exchange an extremely weak final punch that makes Goku collapse. Once Goku admits his defeat, Vegeta finally earns the right to say that he beat Goku in combat. Meanwhile, Beerus is busy sleeping, and Whis is too distracted to see what happens, but Lemo, Cheelai, and Broly enjoy the privilege of witnessing such a historic event.

Why Vegeta Beats Goku In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s End Credits Scene

Earlier in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Vegeta explains that meditation gave Jiren an edge in the all-star Tournament of Power. According to Vegeta, what made Jiren so powerful wasn’t raw strength or unlimited ki, but the ability to conserve energy for crucial moments, which he achieved through meditation. It’s not clear for how long Vegeta has been practicing it, but evidently, it was enough to make the difference in his match with Goku, as his victory was primarily a feat of endurance.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero shakes up the series’ power rankings. Piccolo managed to transform into the towering Orange Piccolo and Gohan achieved a “Beast” transformation. Like Vegeta, Piccolo didn’t progress by sheer strength training, but by unlocking his inner power — with the help of Shenron’s wish, of course. In a surprising twist, Gohan revealed that he found time to train the Special Beam Cannon technique, which may have had a part in his attainment of the Beast form. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero proves that there’s a long road ahead for all the Z Warriors, and with threats like Cell Max appearing so suddenly, new training methods like meditation will certainly be helpful.

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