Dragon Ball Super Completely Changes The Franchise’s Power System

The power system of the Dragon Ball is known for being simple and straightforward, but this is no longer the case after the revelations in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. Vegeta has spent a lot of time thinking about the recent defeats that he and Goku suffered against more powerful foes, and he realized that ‘power level’ is no longer an accurate measure of strength.

In chapter #93 of Dragon Ball Super, fans catch up with Goku and Vegeta after they’ve been conspicuously absent from the current story arc. While Goku is doing classic sparring with Broly (who recently debuted in the Dagon Ball Super manga), Vegeta is focusing on meditation training. When Goku asks him about this unusual regime, Vegeta reveals that it’s pointless to keep training their bodies, as they are already on the same level as the foes who have beaten them recently, such as Jiren, Gas, and Frieza. The difference, Vegeta says, is in how they wield their power in battle.

Dragon Ball Super Has Finally Innovated The Franchise’s Power System

The Dragon Ball power system has made history, influencing countless works that came after thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Dragon Ball was one of the first series to classify its fighters using a ‘power level’ based on their physical capabilities (which also include the amount of ki they possess). To increase their power level, fighters undergo physical training, but actual battle experience also plays an important role. Seeing Goku or Vegeta train with increased gravity or ‘cheat’ training time using the Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a familiar sight to fans of the franchise. However, over the years, shonen series have introduced more nuanced and complex power systems, making Dragon Ball Super feel a bit outdated at times.

Luckily, Vegeta’s words in this chapter completely change the series’ power system going forward. Foes such as Jiren or Gas have been presented as simply stronger than the heroes, superior to them in all physical aspects, following the franchise’s tradition. However, according to Vegeta, he and Goku are actually on the same level as the enemies who beat them, at least physically. The difference is that these superior fighters were able to wield their power more effectively, without wasting energy and draining stamina, thus introducing more variables and parameters to evaluate a fighter’s level. This concept has actually a long history in the series, dating back to the infamous Super Saiyan 3 ‘ineffective’ form, all the way to Ultra Instinct, which is a state of supreme relaxation where no movement or energy is wasted.

Dragon Ball’s Heroes Will Have To Train Differently From Now On

Thus, Vegeta’s words in this chapter complete the slow but steady evolution that Dragon Ball Super has introduced to the franchise’s power system. It will be interesting to see how things will actually change from now on. Perhaps, the Z Warriors’ grueling, blood-spitting training sessions will be replaced by hours of meditation – which would surely be an odd sight for the series. What is certain is that Dragon Ball Super has finally innovated the franchise’s iconic power system, making it deeper and more interesting.

The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super is available from Viz Media.

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