Dragon Ball Officially Declares Frieza is Actually a Good Leader

The best leaders typically aren’t evil, but Dragon Ball’s Frieza may be an exception, at least according to the Dragon Ball Official website and to an expert on “human resources and organization.” Frieza may be an iconic villain, but fans could surprisingly take a few notes from him on how to be a good leader.

On Dragon-Ball-Official, Jun Nakahara, a professor at Rikkyo University, reveals that there are many positive markers of leadership that Frieza presents. As destructive and villainous as he has been, Frieza can be redeemed by a few positive points that make him not just effective but also potentially an example, provided his evil tendencies are left out of the equation. These include effective communication, positive feedback, and direct frontline management. Despite having great qualities, his failures don’t come from his leadership style but stem from his tendency to follow typical villain habits of killing when displeased and shooting for evil goals (as well as Frieza’s fights with foes like Goku who prove to be stronger).

Frieza’s Best Qualities Stem from Good Communication

Frieza presents his subordinates with clear-cut instructions and makes his expectations known. According to Dragon-Ball-Official, he fits under the three main criteria of “making people do what you want.” These include “give clear orders, remain consistent, and explain yourself logically.” Frieza’s goals are laid out clearly during his scheme on Planet Namek, leaving the Ginyu Force no room for misinterpretation. He is also polite to his forces, despite dishing out harsh punishments for failure. By doing so he “avoids a power gap”, which could readily occur considering how much more power he has compared to the Ginyu Force.

Additionally, this trait extends into providing encouragement for a job well done. Based on the argument laid out by Professor Nakahara, Frieza even follows specific management approaches in his praise. While this could be unintentional, it certainly makes sense. Without his forces, he would have to do all the work himself. By positively reinforcing the good work of his subordinates, he ensures they feel some kind of satisfaction for the work they provide him. It also makes negative critiques more effective, since negativity isn’t always the central response given to his forces. This is not only a good mark of leadership, but also a way to ensure Frieza maintains appropriate power balances. His pleasure and approval become a top priority, with less room for bitterness since he appears grateful for the achievements made.

Frieza Is An Incredibly Effective Leader By Modern Standards

Lastly, Frieza is very active on the frontlines with his forces. He does not sit idly by and wait for things to happen from a distance. He takes advantage of the power his presence has and not only keeps his subordinates in line personally but maintains respect by being willing to get his own hands dirty. He is a hands-on leader, which tends to be more ideal and practical from many standpoints. As a result, Frieza works towards his goals faster and more effectively than if he solely relied on external chains of command reporting to him at a distance. He is also good at delegating tasks as needed, providing some aspects of trust, without fully relying on everyone else to get things done. Each of these qualities shows why Frieza is so respected by the Ginyu Force and also by foes like Goku, who have respect for others they come across who prove to be strong. While his positive points are overshadowed by his evil ways and destructive nature, Dragon Ball’s Frieza provides some unexpected and interesting lessons to fans of the series.

Source: Dragon-Ball-Official.com

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